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As data is at the heart of every marketing campaign it's important to make sure it's in the best shape possible. Explore our range of data services to make the most of yours.

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Having won 3 Strategic Mail Performance Awards this year for our print and direct mail campaigns including judges choice, we hope to be your choice too. The judges noted that the results and innovation of the campaigns were sole credit to EDWPS who excelled far beyond expectations of being a print and mailing house. 

If you have been following our sustainable journey as a business you may have seen that in June 2021 we became a Carbon Neutral Business. Alongside our Carbon capture paper, tree planting days, recycling and investing in more efficient equipment. We are making strides to become a more sustainable business thats more conscious of their environmental impact. 


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Feeling tied into a fixed franking machine contract and not sure if its the best choice for your company? Spending more time franking and mailing than focused on business critical tasks? Hybrid Mail might just be the time saver you need. PostboxNow, our hybrid mail solution is essentially an online print and post service. A great cost-effective way to out source the work whilst staying in complete control from your computer. Sign up today and get sending in click.

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