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Retail Marketing with Direct Mail

It is no hidden secret that Retail is a highly competitive sector. Recent years has seen a huge growth in online shopping and with it, even more demand for new and different ways to introduce your brand to potential customers using social media, e-shots, editorial pieces, leaflets to Direct Mail. 

With online marketing steadily getting more and more oversaturated, customers are becoming desensitised to online advertisements.  We are finding that now is the perfect time to stand out from your competitors and really stay in your audiences mind with Print marketing. 
Direct Mail or Door to Door are the perfect choices to complement your retail marketing strategy. 

Get inspired as to how we could help achieve your marketing goals for your next campaign.

Retail Company


"Without an online presence we have always used Direct Mail to drive customers to our 3 outlets. We find it’s the most responsive channel given our existing and target customers.

After working with Eight Days for 4 years we were open to trialing some A/B testing on our Autmun new season campaign to re-engage with our lapsed customers or the address’ new occupiers to remind them of the great discounts we have available.

The personalised maps were a great addition to our regular customer mailings which saw customer response and voucher redemption increase by 8% during the 2 week period the event ran for ."

Case Study

The Customer

An independent chain of discount fashion outlets wanted to increase footfall and

boost sales for an Autumn campaign by targeting lapsed customers & new occupiers of addresses in their database. All sales are undertaken in-store as they have no online platform

The Challenge

At a time when consumer spending was slowing and costs rising, combined with unusal summer weather impacting footfall. A cost effective way to increase traffic and ATV was needed.

The Solution

We proposed a geo-marketing Direct Mail campaign using personalised maps to show recipients the proximity of their nearest store and the route to drive there.

We acquired their customers fastest routes, driving times along with individual

personalised map images generated by Locr Gmbh based in Germany.

These were incorporated into a personalised A5 postcard with gender related imagery and additional discount offers based on customer purchase history.

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Interflora Personalised Print
Interflora Personalised Print example

We work with Interflora to deliver high quality personalised print marketing campaigns that reflect their brand.

We utilise our digital print technology by personalising their regular loyalty mailing with variable text and images based on previous spend, occasion and member level.


Now is the perfect time for retail companies to include print marketing into their strategy. Online marketing is becoming highly competitive, so why not harness print marketing to reach your customers with something physical and tangible. It has been proven that print marketing stays in the home for 7 days on average, which increases its impression and target reach vastly. 

If print marketing is something you want to introduce into your marketing plan here are our top tips to get started. 

Data is the driving force behind every marketing campaign both online and offline. It gives you insights into your customers and guides you with segmentation and targeting. This gives a fully tailored personalised communication to your audience. This in turn makes your customer feel valued and is more likely to act upon a message.

For this to be successful it is essential to look and improve your data where possible. Utilise our free data health check to get a firm understanding of the data you are starting with. We can suggest what other improvements could be made to get the most out of your data. 

Most print marketing campaigns involve postage which is where a fair portion of your campaign budget is placed. This is why it's important to optimise your postage to make the most out of your budget. Where savings can be made allows you to re-invest into your campaign to grow your reach or put into your next campaign.

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