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Award-winning Print Services in Nottingham

For over fifteen years, print has been and always will be at the heart of everything we do.


We have a range of print solutions to ensure we deliver the best results every time, no job is too small or too big. With vast experience, working across a variety of industries, you can be sure that every print project or campaign is tailored and unique to meet your brief to the highest standards.


If you are looking for a commercial printer or print on-demand service, we can cater for your print marketing needs. We are also happy to tender for any size of print services contract - please contact us for more information. 

Below you will find some information about the print services we offer here at Eight Days a Week Print Solutions.

Digital Printing

Digital printing works by sending digital files to print directly onto paper using toner and ink.

The key facts about Digital printing:

Digital Printer

Web to Print

Order your regular repeat print with one of our web to print portals.

For clients with regular print requirements our bespoke created print on demand portals are ideal for:

Web to print
Print Services - Digital Printing
Print Services - Print on Demand

Cost effective for small volumes

Can personalise text and imagery

Delivers consistent high-quality

Fast setup and turn around


Easy, quick online ordering

High quality professional prints

Easily editable design templates

Fast turn around, with next day delivery!

Dynamic Personalisation

Full personalised experience; text, images, purls and codes

Adds value to the customer

Compliments online marketing

Personalising print has advanced and become a key element for printed communications.

The benefits of dynamic personalisation:

Dynamic Personalisation

Litho Printing

Cost effective for high volumes

Produces high quality images and text

There is setup involved which can make the printing process take around 3-4days

Litho printing is the more traditional process of using wet ink and printing plates.

The key facts about Litho Printing:

Litho Printing
Print Services - Personalisation
Print Services - Litho Printing

EasyMailer is a slick printing solution that allows you to print and seal on one piece of paper without any glue.

Key facts for our EasyMailer solution:


Environmentally friendly as only requires one piece of paper per mailing

Increased advertising space

Stand out doormat appeal

Has a tear off coupon feature

Can be highly personalised to your customers

Robust & durable to withstand the postal system

Ideal for both small and large volumes


Speak to one of our print experts today 0115 939 9797
or email 


We can help advise the best way to create your artwork, ensuring it is to the highest quality whilst also being the most cost effective.

Why use EDWPS for your printing services?


First and foremost we are print specialists.


At our Nottingham print facility, we have the capability to design, print, trim, crease, fold, bind, enclose and post.

We deliver consistent high-quality at every stage by following strict quality procedures which are fully ISO compliant.


Our print experts will always ensure your job will be completed to deadline in the most cost-effective way without compromising on quality.


We combine our experience, expertise with our innovative print solutions to make the impossible possible. Such as delivering affordable paper wrap on a smaller scale and being able to have personalised foiled prints.

Whats better digital printing or litho printing?


Litho printing uses wet ink and plates, it requires some set up time to create and set up the plates, but once they are the printing time is quick. This lends itself to high volume as the setup cost is then counterbalanced. 

Digital printing uses toners on a press much like an office printer but scaled up. With no set up time required printing can start imminently, digital printing is cost effective for short and medium runs. Or those looking for personalisation or variable text and/or images in their artwork. With digital printing same day or even next day service is possible due to its set up and run time. 

It's not really the question of what type of printing is better but what type of printing is better for the job at hand. We will be able to offer expert advise as to which would be the most effective for you.

How to setup artwork for print?


Setting up artwork for print for the first time may seem a little daunting but here are our tips on getting up your artwork. 

Document size

When creating your document your software will ask you to choose your document size, this is the size of your final product. Please see our print specifications to find your document sizes of your desired print marketing item.


Margins determine the safe space within your document size. Typically these should not contain any important text or information, it is fine for images to be in the margin. Typically in most cases we will ask for 3mm margins, this ensures when trimming your document no important information will ever be cut off accidentally. Exact margin requirements for certain direct mail and door to door items can be found on our print specifications page


Bleed in a document is typically 3mm over your document size. It is ideal for images to extend into this area to ensure no white areas when your artwork is trimmed to size. 

Crop Marks

Crop marks are small markers on the artwork which indicates to our print and production team where items should be trimmed to. This is normally an option when saving and exporting your artwork.


Images ideally should be 300dpi which means they are high quality with 300 dots per inch. This can be checked on most artwork software. It is also important to convert RGB images to CYMK before placing them in the artwork. This will help ensure there are no colour discrepancies when printed. Lastly when using logos it is good practice to use logos that are vector based.


We would recommend a 12pt font size for most designs. 6pt being the smallest font, any smaller and it won’t be legible when printed. With fonts please embed or outline them. Or if sending an InDesign File please supply the font files too.

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