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Prepay Account

Here is how to set up auto top up payments for your PostboxNow Account.


    1. Login to your PostboxNow account

    2. Click on the Add Credit button

    3. There is a box next to ‘Enabled auto top up on this account’ please
      tick this

    4. Now select your minimum balance for the account, once your balance goes below this minimum number your auto top up will activate.

    5. Choose your ‘auto top up on this account’

    6. Fill in your payment details, or choose your default card if you already have a card saved.

    7. Tick the ‘save this card for future payments’ box

    8. To finish click the top up, this will activate your auto top up.


Auto top up payments

Adding credit to your PostboxNow account is quick and simple.


  1. Once logged into your account go to Add Credit

  2. Enter your payment details and how much you wish to top up into the account.


Your security is our priority which is why we never store your card details and use Stripe as our payment gateway.

How to add credit onto your account


Yes, you can get a receipt for your top up they are sent out to the account administrator.

VAT receipts are issued within 5 working days from your pre-payment top up.

Can I get a receipt for my topped-up credit?


Looking to add a new team to your account? Contact our support team to make them aware you would like Teams and Teamboxes added to your account package.

Once set up please follow these steps: 


  1. Go to Account Admin – Teams

  2. Click New Team

  3. Enter the name of your new team

  4. Choose the team settings such as; view other team members items?
    Tick the boxes you wish them to have.

  5. Choose your team by checking the boxes next to the users to wish to invite.

  6. To save your team click add new team.

Add new teams

Teams & Teamboxes


Please note to add a new teambox you will need these features added to your account package. You can contact our support team to arrange this for you.

A Teambox is a postbox which can be shared with your team, removing the need for each individual to set up their own postbox.


Before you create a teambox you first need to have added users and created a team. Once you have both of these follow these steps.


  1. On the left of your PostboxNow home page click on
    Account – Admin – Teamboxes

  2. Now click on New Teambox

  3. You can then select your preferences you wish to have for your new Teambox

  4. Once you have chosen your preferences click on the Teams link 

  5. Here you can tick the boxes of the teams you want to have access to your new Teambox – multiple teams can be chosen if you wish.

  6. Click Save

  7. Once saved this teambox will then appear to each team member in your chosen teams ready for them to use.

Add a new Teambox



Superusers are a type of user that have additional permissions to do the following:

  • Add and edit Users

  • Add and edit Teams

  • Add and edit Teamboxes

  • Change users to Active or inactive

  • Add credit to the account

  • View items that their users have mailed

What can a superuser do?


How to remove a user?

If you need to remove a user start by:

  1. Clicking on Account Admin – My users, found on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Edit

  3. In the bottom left corner of the window you will find a box called
    Active user – untick this box

  4. Hit save

  5. Now that users account will be inactive and no longer have access to sign in with that email address


How to edit a user

  1. To edit a user’s account, use the left navigation bar and click on Account Admin – My users

  2. Click Edit

  3. Edit the user details as needed – please note email address cannot be changed here, if this is what you need to amend, please contact out support team with the details.

  4. You can amend your users’ permissions but ticking or unticking the boxes as needed.

  5. Click save to keep your amendments.


My account


Change my password

Changing your password is quick and easy with PostboxNow.


  1. Simply login to your account and click on Account Admin – Password.

  2. Enter your current password and then choose and enter your new password. Please note a minimum of 8 characters including 1 number is required.

  3. Click Change password and your new password is saved.

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