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Postbox Now

Save time and money on your regular weekly, monthly mail-merged communications

An innovative hybrid mail solution made for customers looking to streamline their outbound mailing processes. Postbox Now can reduce your print and postage costs and more importantly free up your employees time.

Our simple user-friendly drag and drop system, allows customers to get their mailings out in minutes.

Easy as 1.....2.....3


  • Prepare a mail merged document ready for upload.

  • Upload your files to our secure cloud-based software with a simple drag and drop (DOC/DOCX or PDF accepted).

  • Select your format and service click submit and leave the rest to us.

Eight Days a Week will print your letters, enclose them in  pre-printed, pre-approved envelopes and mail them out to your customers with significant savings compared to stamps, franking and online postal accounts.