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Postage solutions
UK and international postage

Postage can play a vital role in your marketing campaign and how far your budget will go. 

As a leading Nottingham mailing house we can advise and secure the best postal rates on your print postage.

We will identify where we can make postal savings and deliver results. So you can re-invest your savings to reaching more customers or deliver more future campaigns.

  • Maximises your campaign budget

  • Must be combined with Print or fulfilment

  • Volumes must be 4,000+ for a letter

  • Volumes must be 1,000+ for a large letter

Optimising your postage can create great savings for your marketing campaign, but it all starts with your data and our expert advice. 

The key facts about postage optimisation:

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Postage Optimisation

Speak to one of our postage experts today 0115 939 9797
or email solutions@edwps.co.uk


We can help advise the best way to post your campaign or print, ensuring it is to the highest quality whilst also being the most cost effective.

Why use EDWPS for your postage

  • Easy and efficient process all in-house from print, fulfilment through to postage.

  • Ideal for Direct Mail and Leaflet Distribution campaigns

  • Have strategic partnerships with the likes of Royal Mail and Citipost

  • Deliver cost savings without compromising on quality

  • Experienced team to offer help and advice

  • ISO9001 accredited, we provide a recognised Quality Management System

International Mail

We have partners with access to competitive international postage rates. Ensuring we can always deliver the best postal service and price, no matter where you are targeting your marketing campaigns.

Advertising Mail

Sending Addressed Advertising Mail can qualify your mailing for even further discounts depending on your volume and item size.

Sustainable Mail

With sustainable mail there are 12 requirements stated by Royal Mail to be allowed further postal discounts.

If your mail fits the entry requirements for sustainable mail which includes all paper products to be produced from non-chlorinated methods and to be fully recyclable.

You fulfil requirement 7 stated by Royal Mail by choosing EDWPS as your printers and mailing house as we have ISO9001 and ISO14001.


Mailsort is a process where we pre-sort your mail before Royal Mail collect.  This process allows us to give significant postal discounts. We can then see if your mailing matches any further discounts listed below to create even more savings.


MailMark is a 2D barcode printed onto the envelope of your mailing replacing the traditional ‘town and crown’ die. The 2D barcode improves the efficiency of the posting allowing the mail items to be trackable and reportable. The benefit to your bottom line is it offers the lowest tariffs.

Downstream Access

A DSA provider is a new postal provider such as Citipost and Whistl. They would collect the mail from us and feed the mail back into the Royal Mail postal system just further down the journey. Royal Mail are still the end provider who deliver the mail door to door.


DSA's can offer cost effect ways of sending your mail. The main difference is that their service takes 2-3 days the same as Royal Mails second class service.  We will always compare to find the best way to send your mail without compromising on quality.

There is a lot involved in international and UK postage than what immediately meets the eye. It is not a case of envelope and stamp when sending in any type of volume.

We can look at your artwork, data and print materials to identify the best postal solution. 

How we optimise your postage

Postage inspiration for your next campaign
Stamps on Envelopes

Add a Festive Feel with Digital Stamps

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New Year, New Customers, Same Prices!

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