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What is Hybrid Mail and how can it help your business?

Updated: May 5, 2022

Hybrid mail is essentially a Web to print and post service. Here at Eight Days a Week Print Solutions our Hybrid mail solution is PostboxNow.

You upload your artwork files to the online portal, upload your contacts and we will professionally print your letters, fill into your printed envelopes, arrange a postal collection and delivery for you. This can be same day print for next day delivery or on scheduled set days depending on your requirements. Depending on volumes of not just your mailings but similar mailings going on the same day we can advise on additional postal savings.

Benefits of sending mail online

The benefits of Hybrid Mail

  • A key benefit to Hybrid Mail is that no software is required as everything is managed via PostboxNow. Once signed up and logged in, simply follow our step by step guide to uploading artwork, customer information and submit. Its easy, user friendly and we are on hand to help where needed.

  • Opting to use PostboxNow means you will have access to postal savings depending on your volume and if we can combine your mail with others to generate bulk mail savings too. There are many factors that can help generate postage savings from volume, postal service and postal carrier.

  • PostboxNow can be accessed remotely and implemented from anywhere, ideal for working remotely in the Covid world we now live in whilst keeping up with business needs and demands.

  • Next day print and postage is available if ordered and uploaded by 12 midday. Simply order via the portal, our Nottingham printers will receive the artwork and run it accordingly. Our Nottingham Mailing house will then enclose your letters into the envelopes and get them sorted and ready for collection by your chosen postal carrier.

  • At EDWPS we use carbon capture paper from our paper supplier Premier paper, your hybrid mail would be printed on carbon neutral paper.

  • Hybrid mail is very flexible in what you can send from design to postcards or letters.

  • Your portal is secure and meets GDPR standards for handling your customers data and information.

Alternative to franking can help your business

How can Hybrid Mail help your business?

We know this is the true bottom line that any effective business wants to know.

  • Hybrid mail allows you to save money by outsourcing this task to us rather than asking an employee to complete this. We have found that managing the mail in house consumes a large portion of their time whilst their original tasks and duties become pushed to the side or neglected. Outsourcing this task to us allows your employees time to be used more effectively and at a cheaper cost.

  • Additional money can be saved with postage savings and not needing to pay for frequent office ink cartridges.

  • The quality of your communications will vastly improve too with your letters being printed on our professional digital printers and printed envelopes. This will help convey the quality of your company to your customers too.

  • There is no setup expenditure or upfront cost for your business.

  • If you are working remotely from home you can keep consistent quality and have a clear overview of previous mailings. You can even repeat the same mailing if necessary, all from just a click on your computer.

  • There is no minimum volume numbers, simply order exactly what you need and we will take care of the rest.

  • Personalisation is easily achievable in PostboxNow, allowing each communication to have that personal touch which is invaluable to customers.

How to know if Hybrid mail is the right choice for your business?

Are you regularly sending mail to customers? Are you looking for a coherent branding when mailing your customer regularly from one place? Wanting access to postal discounts where possible?

Hybrid mail can help with all of this as well as saving your company time and money.

Having helped other companies implement this seamlessly, we already have a case study from an opticians and hearing specialist regarding hybrid mail.

"Our daily letter volume has been growing and was starting to become a drain on our internal resource, but as these are critical communications it was not something we could stop doing. Eight Days a Week were able to take on this work quickly and efficiently whilst improving quality and control of distribution. We now have a seamless process in place which has become automated and is very simple which takes the workload away from us in-house.

I can highly recommend Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their quality and speed of service. For businesses looking to outsource their office mail they are a great partner and it is surprising how easy this was to do for as little as 100 letters per day"

To find out more about this case study please see our Healthcare marketing page.

Hybrid mail PostboxNow solution

If you think Hybrid mail is the right solution for your mailing needs please contact us today and we can get you started on a simpler streamlined solution.

Equally if you are unsure how to mail merge your PDFs ready for sending