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What is hybrid mail and how does it work?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

What is Hybrid Mail?

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail brings the mail room into the 21st century with a little help from the cloud and is the perfect fit for a business looking to streamline their outbound mailing.

It’s an operation that has become hugely popular in recent years with many companies shifting to this process for their regular mailings such as remittances, invoices & newsletters.

How does Hybrid Mail work?

After using a mail-merge process - commonplace practice in busy administrative environments - Hybrid mail removes the print, fulfilment and postage elements normally undertaken by the business themselves.

Using a secure online portal, a mail-merged document is uploaded to a print provider to produce, insert into an envelopes (which can also be pre-printed and branded) apply postage payments and then posts.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail alternative to franking mail
Streamline your outbound mailing

A Hybrid Mail solution can be quickly implemented and could provide significant savings on the cost, time and resources required of producing and sending regular outbound mail - its flexible capacity also means a business can print & mail what they need, when they need it - irrespective of volume.

Introducing PostboxNow

PostboxNow from Eight Days a Week is a simple Hybrid Mail service offering drag and drop functionality allowing a user to upload their letter, choose their mailing options and have it mailed the same day*.

As a combined digital printer and mailing house we can not only print your documents but our postal software will also pre-sort your mail to find the lowest cost postage to be applied. We're also able to place your post further along into the collection & delivery journey to secure further discounts on postage from delivery providers.

See how much time, resources & money your business could save with PostboxNow,

get in touch today for a free demonstration.

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Nottingham Print solutions EDWPS

*subject to order placement time