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Tree Planting with the Woodland Trust

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Sustainability with tree planting days

Late November 2021 saw Eight Days a Week re-visit the Young People's Forest in Mead for another day of tree planting as part of Premier Paper's Carbon Capture scheme in partnership with The Woodland Trust.

What is the Carbon Capture scheme?

The Carbon Capture scheme mitigates the CO2 emissions from the production and distribution of paper and materials, purchased from Premier Paper and gives it's customers and their clients the opportunity to join with many major brands and fully engage with, and directly support the work of the Woodland Trust – 100% of the money raised through Carbon Capture goes directly to the Woodland Trust to plant native woodland in the UK. So far the Carbon Capture Scheme has raised £1.25million enabling approximately 325,000 trees to be planted across 162 hectares throughout the UK.

Tree planting in Derbyshire

This days planting was taking place at the Young People's Forest in Mead, part of Shipley Country Park in Heanor, Derbyshire and less than 5 miles from our Nottingham Digital Print & Direct Mail Facility. Eight Days MD Lance Hill and Marketing Manger Simon Scott joined 100 other volunteers on a cold and frosty morning one and a half miles into the park for the days task of planting 4000 trees.

Having already completed a days planting 2 years ago in another part of the park they were both confident of beating their tally from last time. Once again to help facilitate planting of the trees, mainly Rowan & Wild Cherry, holes had been pre-dug into the ground. However this isn't where the saplings were to be placed. Planting actually takes place in the mounds of earth that have been removed from the holes.

Oli Cannon from The Woodland Trust went on to explain that this raises the saplings roots above ground level protecting them from rotting in potentially waterlogged ground whilst also insulating the roots from frost over the winter.

As a member of the Carbon Capture scheme since November 2019 it great to take part in days like this. It's reassuring to see where our offset donations go and helps play a part in creating new UK woodland for future generations to enjoy. Since joining the scheme Eight Days a Week's donations have created an additional 1593 sq.metres of new UK woodland that will remove over 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide. It's a small step to becoming a more sustainable business and aligns with our desire for our business to continue to remain one of the first Carbon Neutral print companies in the East Midlands.

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