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The role of print in the customer journey.

Updated: Apr 6

Customer Journey for Direct Mail and Print

With omni-channel marketing, and the explosion of different media, it’s increasingly important to understand the ‘Stage in Journey’ of your customers and to test different online & offline combinations.

During a successful customer journey a customer will pass through four broad areas. Each area has its own unique criteria which potentially lend themselves to a preferred method of contact for the individual.


Creating a point of difference between your brand and its’ competitors is key here. Establish how relevant the category is to your customer and highlight how distinctive you are within it – consider using Direct Mail for this task and stand apart from those using digital-only methods.

Using Targeted Leaflet Distribution, Direct Mail & Door Drops can generate a 25%  higher brand recall than digital methods alone as consumers generally interact with printed materials more.


At this point the customer’s interest in your brand should be established and further reinforcement can take place by becoming an important resource consumers should be using - or are missing out on if they don’t! Regular blogs and e-newsletters can provide important touchpoints that complement the tactile nature of printed materials like magazines, brochures etc.

Printed material inherently imbues trust with the reader and creates a more emotional response, people spend more time interacting with them (think holiday brochures, retail seasonal catalogues etc).

effective customer journey for print marketing


Once the consumer is ready to commit to buying something you need to communicate the practical benefits of using your brand; reassure them they’re making the right decision.

Print has a lasting record making it ideal for reference and comparison. Recent studies show print is a more trusted medium too - adding that extra layer of credibility.


The customer relationship shouldn’t stop once a purchase has been made. By continually speaking with your customer the relationship is kept alive with an ongoing emotional connection to your brand.  Social media is great for this type of connection, however you should know quite a bit about your customers now – use the abundance of insights collected from digital channels to surprise your customers.

Try personalised print such as thank you cards, or complimentary items and show  your customers how much you value them.  Personalising your printed communications creates a more relevant customer experience and that relevancy will encourage the customer to return.

Personalised Direct Mail

Don’t let your next marketing campaign become a missed opportunity! Remember, by including print as part of a wider marketing strategy you can keep your audience engaged throughout every stage of their journey with you.

Independent research* shows that this continuing explosion in multiple media channels means that both online & offline communication is blending into a seamless experience for the customer.  It’s no longer a case of one over another - they complement each other and work better together resulting in an increased ROI for your business.

*Source: Marketreach – Royal Mail

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