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Paper wrap - a eco-friendly alternative to poly-wrap

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Paper wrap mailing solution

What is a Paper Wrap Mailing Solution?

Paper wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to Poly-wrap which companies such as BBC Countryfile and BBC Wildlife magazines have already adopted as their new mailing solution.

Whilst paper wrap looks like a large envelope, to the untrained eye there are some key differences.

  • Paper wrap uses a starch-based glue which allows easier opening than a standard envelope. This enables the reader to fully unwrap the Paper Wrap envelope.

  • There is more available design space for the sender. Being able to fully print on both sides of the envelope, along with the inside too.

  • The weight of the paper is thinner, thus lending itself to carrying multiple items without bulking it out.

  • Being fully 100% recyclable across the UK it also qualifies for mailing discounts.

  • It can be fully personalised and still be machine-readable for mailing.

Why is there a need for Paper Wrap?

With current trends moving towards more environmentally friendly practices. It is no surprise that an alternative to the single-use plastic Poly-wrap has evolved.

Whilst technically poly-wrap can be recycled it isn't quite so straight forward. Traditional Polywrap is made up of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and is easily recyclable however with it being so light in weight a lot of local authorities are reluctant to accept it.

Environment benefits

Combine that with the different rules and regulations in place for plastic recycling across the country and no national standard. It is easy to see how it is not the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Why Eight Days a Week have got involved with Paper Wrap?

Paper Wrap isn't a new concept it has been around for a while now, but traditionally has only been cost-effective and accessible for those customers with large volume mailing requirements.

At Eight Days a week we, along with our supply chain, have developed a way to make it operational for those with smaller quantities.

We are not hiding that there is a cost involved but it's an investment. Both into your branding, business ethos, but also your mailing cost will be reduced compared to using poly wrap.

With increased advertising space and further branding capabilities, you can see why a lot of companies have got on board with this solution. The cost outweighs the benefits and increases the potential ROI.

"We believe everyone should at least have the option of using more sustainable resources available to them."

- Lance Hill, Managing Director,

Eight Days a Week

What are the benefits of Paper wrap for your business?

Here are the key facts about the bottom line of what Paper Wrap can do for your business.

Postage Savings.

Paper Wrap qualifies for Royal Mail's MailMark service which Pol-Wrap and starch-based alternatives do not.

Combined Mailing Saving.

Being able to send up to 9 inserts in one pack results in additional postage savings.

An environmentally friendly product. Supporting ISO14001 Paper Wrap is easily recycled and has a sustainable lifecycle.

Personalised Inserts.

Adding the personal touch to your customers can help make them feel valued. You can ensure you are targeting accurately to help improve acquisitions as well as safeguarding their lifetime value to your business.

Robust and Durable.

Paper Wrap is a tried and tested alternative that can withstand the postal processing and handling.

Customisable additional advertising space.

Printing on both the outside and inside of the Paper Wrap envelope creates more design and promotional opportunities.

Kickstart your Paper Wrap Artwork with these free artwork templates.

Doormat appeal

And Finally.... Don't miss an opportunity to make a great first impression.

Make the most of your paper wrap to create an instant impact, use every opportunity it affords to you. Compare the wrap above we produced for one of our many garden centre clients to this one. Which one would you open first???

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