New Customer Acquisition - PAM can help


Partially Addressed Mail is an advertising mail product from Royal Mail™ that identifies customers using sophisticated targeting options without the use of personalised data.

It enables easy customer acquisition for your business without the use of personal data, by targeting households at a postcode level. Your existing customers are removed, so budget isn't wasted sending them advertising material when they're already one of your customers.

It also contains no personal information about the recipient, the mailings will be partially addressed to the ‘occupant’ or to ‘????? User ’ - whatever you want to choose.


Partially Addressed Mail is perfect for businesses who wish to target smaller areas without the cost of acquiring personal cold data for households or individuals.

Partially Addressed Mail can identify new customers for you in two ways.

Topping Up - By identifying where your existing customers live, new ones can be sourced in the same area at postcode level

Look a Likes - By analysing your current customer geo-demographics, similar ones can be sourced nationwide at a postcode level.

By topping up existing data and combining with look-a-like profiles you have a wealth of potential new customers available to you.


Partially Addressed Mail is a great opportunity to acquire new customers in a post GDPR

world without risk.

If you've already tested door drop but found the scope of recipients too wide, Partially Addressed Mail could help narrow your search. With the introduction of GDPR last year it has now become a viable alternative compared to using cold data - especially if you've gone as far as your own data will allow.

Things to consider:

• More targeted and refined than door drops

• Easy to implement as a stand-alone or a bolt-on to existing campaigns

• Ability to suppress existing customers – don’t mail existing customers with prospect offers

• Profile to street and household level to find more look-a-likes

• Much cheaper than buying cold acquisition data

• Not able to use postcards though For more information about our Partially Addressed Mail - Speak to the Experts

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