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MBO complete at Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Lance Hill, Karen Herbert and Jake Beardsley MBO

Letter from Lance Hill, Managing Director of EDWPS

I was very excited to have completed the management buyout of EDWPS on Friday 30th April. It had been in the planning for some time, and to get it over the line was a significant step for myself, and my fellow shareholders, Karen Herbert and Jake Beardsley.

I am very grateful to David Beardsley for the opportunity, and have nothing but admiration and respect for his hard work in building the business up to what it is today. We share the same values and principles, which is why it was a great fit from the outset, when I joined as MD back in September 2019.

The day to day running of the business remains unchanged, David had pretty much retired not long after I joined, although he was always available to come in and help when we needed it, which we did from time to time. His production knowledge and expertise was a nice to have, and I know he will still pop in if we need him.

As for the future, it’s exciting and there are lots of opportunities. This is not something I was necessarily saying this time last year, when the pandemic had really kicked in and we were seeing many of our loyal customers reduce or stop spending altogether. We understood this of course, we all took action at pace to protect our staff and wellbeing.

As we now come out of what seems like an age of lockdown, confidence is returning, the economy will pick back up and some sort of normality doesn’t seem too far away all of a sudden. We’ve had an amazing start to 2021 in terms of new business wins, existing customers planning and executing new campaigns, which in turn has led to creating new jobs and opportunities.

I am now forecasting 25% growth compared to last year, in terms of top line revenues, which was unthinkable a year ago. What’s the ingredients for that? Certainly not rocket science, we’ve just worked hard, stuck to our core principles of excellence in customer service and quality, offered our help and expertise to customers and prospects who need it, then delivered on our promises.

The entire team at EDWPS deserve great credit for resilience, work ethic, flexibility, desire to succeed and be the best they can be. They all understand the importance of their roles and how they all contribute to create an amazing team that will go the extra mile for our customers.

What’s next? Investment in new equipment, staff and the launch of our new hybrid mail offering, which is almost complete. I am really confident and excited about the next phase of our development, watch this space.

Lance Hill

Managing Director