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Lance's October Newsletter - The Business Desk, Kickstarters & Awards

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Nottingham Business Desk Sustainability panel

The Business Desk

Building a sustainable SME Networking Lunch.

As my first Business Desk networking event, I must say it was well worth going and would highly recommend their future events for those in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire.

It was a panelled event where the conversation was focused on sustainability in business from carbon neutral status to debating the commercial benefit of sustainability.

It was great to hear how other companies have started to make changes in their respective sectors, from eco-packaging in the food e-commerce sector to the steps being taken to promote sustainability in the community by charitable foundations.

If you are interested please follow our sustainable journey and see the steps we are taking as an SME.

"Get ahead of the curve and start making changes, setting new practices to become a Carbon Neutral Business. The benefits far exceed the initial cost."

As a direct result of attending I arranged a meeting with Robyn from Nottingham Trent University. Being an experienced sustainability consultant Robyn was able to suggest new avenues and steps we can take forward in our efforts. We are very grateful for her time and insights on the subject. Very much looking forward to the progress we can make together.

It was great to hear that we are already heading in the right direction with our LED lighting, investment in equipment, electric cars, cycle to work schemes and recycling bins. Not only are we reducing our impact but there are also commercial benefits. Despite longer working hours, more staff and volume of work in 2020 we have seen a 22% reduction on electric consumption from 2019.

The SMP Strategic Mail Performance Awards

The SMP Strategic Mail Performance Awards

Unbelievably proud of the EDWPS team for delivering such effective direct mail campaigns this year. Even more so for being recognised by the SMP awarding body for it. This resulted in us winning 2 Golden envelope awards, as well as being Judges choice for the Platinum Award.

The direct mail campaigns put forward this year were our Hiller Garden Centres new customer acquisitions campaign and our Eastons holiday brochure mailings. The judges noted that it was "completely clear that in both golden envelope winners, innovation and results were entirely down to the mailing house and no one else."

If you would like to read more on our award winning entries and The Strategic Mailing Partnership please read our blog: Award winning Direct Mail from Eight Days a Week.

"Awards - You have to be in it to win it. You always stand the chance of discovering new ways to improve your current practice, make new connections and be recognised for what you do well."

Kickstarters Callum and Sam join EDWPS

Kickstarter Success

Fresh new talent entering the print industry.

Both Callum and Sam joined the company through the Kickstarter scheme. Which is a government scheme aimed at individuals on universal credit between the ages of 16-24 looking to gain work experience with local businesses.

During the 6 months they both fitted into EDWPS effortlessly, showcasing their work ethic and became real assets to the team.

It’s great to have these two staying on, thoroughly deserved and an excellent example of how schemes like this can work, if you have the right mindset.

Can't wait to see how their careers develop over the years and are so pleased to help introduce new fresh talent to the print industry.

If you are interested in finding more about Callum and Sam's Kickstarter journey with EDWPS please read our blog Helping Kickstart new print industry careers.

"Explore job placement schemes to introduce new blood, talent and ways of thinking into your business."

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