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Lance's November Newsletter - Tree planting, Awards & Accreditations

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Simon Scott Tree planting Day Marketing Manager

Tree Planting day with the Woodland Trust

Lance Hill (Managing Director) and Simon Scott ( Marketing Manager) branched out and planted 4000 native seedlings at Young People's Forest in Mead.

From joining Premier Paper's Carbon Capture scheme in partnership with the Woodland Trust in 2019 we participate in tree planting days. It’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses that are actively taking strides to reduce their environmental impact. Whilst also raising awareness to the scheme for others who may wish to sign up in the future.

"Get ahead of the National commitment of being at least net Zero carbon by 2050. Future proof your company and be the one others want to work and partner with."

At EDWPS we are currently on our own sustainability journey where we have invested in new equipment and technology as well as becoming Carbon Neutral in June. Our involvement with Carbon capture was one of the first large steps we undertook.

  • The carbon capture scheme has raised £1.25million enabling approximately 325,000 trees to be planted across 162 hectares throughout the UK.

  • Eight Days a Week's donations have created an additional 1593 sq. Metres of new UK woodland that will remove over 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

It was a well organised event that ran smoothly from start to finish. The day was topped off by viewing the young seedlings we had planted in November 2019. They had really started to take root and flourish, adding to the every growing and developing park.

Read more on Tree planting with the Woodland Trust 2021 here,

Or follow our sustainable journey here.

The EMC Awards

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Nottinghamshire

What a great experience to present and be on the judging panel for the Excellence in Customer Service award. Giving immense insight into what the judges look for, how to utilise the panels time and how to answer the questions asked.

It was great to hear how other local business’ deliver outstanding customer services with it being at the very core of our own. Matt Ward from VOLDI thoroughly deserved to win for his above and beyond efforts with his customer base, ensuring repeat business and excellent word of mouth reputation.

Whilst we were finalists for the Outstanding Growth award and of course a little disappointed to have not won. It gave us great pleasure to see one of our customers; TTK Confectionery win the award. They certainly have excellent taste in their print supplier.

With this being our first year of entering awards we have learnt so much from this experience and are going to utilising it to ensure we come back next year even stronger. It also doesn't diminish our outstanding achievements we have made this year as a company. 2022 will be a very exciting year with new opportunities and developments at EDWPS.

"Awards - Don't stop after the awards night. Understand what it was that gave the winner the edge this year and work on your application and efforts for next year with this in mind."

Cyber Essential

Cyber Essential Assessed and Qualified for another year.

We have just been re-certified with cyber essentials for another year. We know the importance of not only data security but also cyber security which is why we are committed to ensure our processes and measures in place are robust.

Being certified helps offer additional reassurance to our customers and prospects, knowing we meet a qualified standard and that we take their concerns seriously and imbed them into our own.

"Certifications and qualifications - Understand your customers concerns and address them. Ensure your processes and measurements reflect this and ensure you don't jeopardise the relationship."

Some certifications and associations can help improve your connections, reputation as well as procedures and practices. They can also help you compete with other competitors or even give you an edge compared to other businesses. Adding to what you can deliver and reassuring them its to a high quality and efficiency. With customer service at the forefront of our business we actively seek ways we can value add for our customers. This includes ensuring we are certified for any areas of concern as well as connecting with a select chosen few business' to be able to offer additional services all managed in house.

View our other accreditations, certificates and awards here on our dedicated page.

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