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Lance's December Newsletter: IPIA Awards & Sustainability

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The IPIA Recognising

2021 IPIA Gala Recognising Excellence

Excellence Expo & Awards 2021

02/12/2, Stratford Upon Avon

The IPIA is not-for-profit trade association who raise the profile of the print industry through; showcasing innovative products and services in the industry, hosting inspiring events and conferences as well as helping to connect people in the industry.

Being the first physical IPIA event to happen in two years it was no wonder the event sold out.

To kickstart the days event was the Expo where many member benefit providers, kit providers and carriers where showcased. There was such a strong positive atmosphere from all attendees, sharing business ideas and having business conversations with new contacts in person.

Charlotte Speaight Award Winning Digital Marketing Executive

The evening Gala continued the events high with even more face-to-face networking and celebrating of each other’s successes through some challenging times.

It was fantastic to see our Digital Marketing Executive, Charlotte Speaight win the highly commended award in the Young Leader category. A real credit to her work at EDWPS.

"Its important to recognise and celebrate success on both a business, team and individual level. Doing so helps create an award-winning mentality."

The entire day ran like clockwork thanks to the whole IPIA team who had worked tirelessly in the background.

Sustainability at EDWPS

Working with Nottingham Trent University.

As a direct result of attending the Business Desk Sustainability lunch we have started working with Robyn Thompson, Sustainability Consultant from Nottingham Trent University. Robyn has already been able to offer great insights into how we can improve our sustainability efforts as a SME. From simply changing default printer settings through to adding a weather compensation accessory to the boiler.

It was great to hear that we are already well ahead of most not only in our industry but generally in manufacturing. With our carbon neutral status, carbon capture paper, cycle to work schemes and investment in equipment. We are very much looking forward to working closely with Nottingham Trent University and seeing the changes we make going forward. 2022 is going to be a very exciting year for EDWPS as we take strides to move forward in many aspects but with sustainability at the forefront.

"Use the resources at your disposal from your local community as well as your own work force to help achieve your business goals or even re-define your goals."

To date we made numerous steps to improve the sustainability of our print and direct mail business.

EDWPS business sustainability steps:

  • Become a certified Carbon Neutral Business

  • Carbon offset our paper usage through Carbon Capture

  • Participated in two local tree planting days

  • Invested in the Xerox Baltoro Inkjet press which runs efficiently with both value, volume, and velocity.

  • Invested in new equipment from changing to LED lights wherever possible alongside motion sensor switches as well as electric car charging points and hybrid & electric business cars.

  • Added further recycling bins throughout the business to further encourage reducing our general waste where possible.

  • Helped to develop paper wrap (A environmentally friendly alternative to poly-wrap) and make it viable for small volumes.

  • Offer a cycle to work scheme for all EDWPS Employees to help encourage active travel to work.

  • On a green energy tariff for our electricity

  • Refill and recycle our ink cartridges throughout the business

  • Support buying fair trade and fair wage where we can

  • Become a member of Two Sides

In our discussions with Robyn, we have formulated an action plan of what EDWPS will achieve. Our action points include adding more charging points for both employees and visitors, make sustainability information publicly available, invest in water saving devices, introduce a food waste bin, just to name a few.

Interested in following our sustainability journey? Follow our steps on our dedicated business sustainability page.

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