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How JICMAIL data can help your next Direct Mail campaign.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

JICMAIL Platinum Partner Status awarded to Eight Days a Week Print Solutions - Nottingham Digital Print & Direct Mail Specialist.

JICMAIL, have added Eight Days a Week Print Solutions to their roster of Platinum Partners in recognition of our expertise of using JICMAIL data. By using JICMAIL data we can help our clients in the planning, measurement and reviewing of the Direct Mail and partially addressed mail campaigns we can provide to them.

What is JICMAIL?

JICMAIL is an independent, not-for-profit data and research organisation jointly owned by both the buying-side and selling-side of the mail industry.

JICMAIL stands for Joint Industry Committee for Mail. It delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drop performance. It provides the same type of analytics for addressed mail that is available for other channels such as:

  • BARB’s measurement of TV viewership,

  • RAJAR for Radio listenership

  • PAMCO for publisher readership

It is used by planners like EDWPS regularly to help plan Direct Mail and partially addressed mail campaigns for our clients.

How can JICMAIL be used?

It can give indicators on key campaign metrics such as reach, impressions, potential conversions and engagement. It can even tell you how long your mail pack could stay in the home. When clients are considering which channel to use to connect with customers JICMAIL can give valuable insights into the life of addressed mail and partially addressed mail from when it arrives in the home until it is disposed of.

How can JICMAIL data be helpful for Direct Mail?

In depth information can be gained via a JICMAIL Premier Partner on how mail by specific industries behaves, however some general information is readily available such as:

A four week overview of how addressed mail is interacted with in the home. Provided by JICMAIL

A month in the life of mail - JICMAIL

On DAY 1: 65% of mail received is looked at or read.

By DAY 7: 45% it is discussed with somebody else.

By DAY 14: 22% will have visited a website

By DAY 21: 6% will have visited a store

BY DAY 28: 6% will have used the mail to plan a large purchase

How is JICMAIL information gathered?

Activity regarding mail received is captured in the form of a diary app similar to RAJAR (for radio). It captures the 1000 households occupants activity with mail on a monthly basis with a group of 250 households being allocated a week each to track all the mail they receive. For the following 28 days everything that happens with that weeks’ worth of mail is recorded. A single individual in the household records, photographs and tracks how and by whom that mail-piece is interacted with.

What is JICMAIL Platinum Partner Accreditation?

Platinum Partner Accreditation is the highest accolade given by JICMAIL and is awarded to those businesses who have demonstrated a level of expertise with JICMAIL over and above its basic application.

JICMAIL Platinum Partner accreditation awarded to Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their expertise in the use of JICMAIL data in the planning and implementation of their clients direct mail campaings and royal mail door drop leaflet distribution.
We're 1 of 16 accredited businesses & 1 of 6 mail printers in the UK

This normally includes evidence of JICMAIL data being used into a user’s development program. It also needs to be shown being utilised across the key. stages of a campaign. Evidence should also be shown that JICMAIL is being systematically used to retain or grow the business.

A Platinum Partner will also have exceeded their individual training targets across three tiers of JICMAIL training:

BRONZE - Basic proficiency with the data

SILVER - For intermediate users

GOLD - Expert users.

There are now well over 850 individual training awards, four of which are held by individuals at EDWPS. We are 1 of 16 businesses in the UK that are Platinum Accredited and on 1 of 6 mail printers. Even more of our employees are seeking accreditation as we speak including EDWPS MD Lance Hill

“We are thrilled to receive this award! JICMAIL is now integrated into so many of our client interactions and engagement, which fits hand in hand with the Eight Days A Week Print Solutions philosophy of above and beyond customer service. JICMAIL enables us to be a lot more than just a printer, or mail producer, it is the currency we use, along with other supporting insight to continually promote the channel of mail and its benefits to deliver campaigns that prove the value of the data from JICMAIL.”

Lance Hill, Managing Director, Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

Do you want to see how JICMAIL data can help plan your next Direct Mail Campaign? Speak to the Experts.

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