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How to send business mail online - Hybrid mail

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Hybrid Mail has revolutionised the way you can send your business mail online.

It’s essentially an online print and mail service, perfect for those working remotely. It’s a strong and viable alternative to franking mail and stamps. It’s a letter mailing service that is cloud based, where all you need to do is upload your letters and/or documents to your hybrid mail service provider. They will then take care of the rest.

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Sending mail online with Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

Here at Eight Days a Week our Hybrid Mail solution is PostboxNow. It requires no software or additional tools, just internet access. There are no upfront costs or monthly subscriptions, you simply pay for what you send. PostboxNow is designed to ensure that you are always in control from uploading your letters to choosing when they will be sent and by which postal service.

1. Sign up

PostboxNow works by first of all signing up for free. From here you will have your own unique secure online dashboard. Where you will be able to schedule, upload, overview or report on your future and past mailings.

2. Choose a template/format

We have a few set templates for you to choose from: a letter or EasyMailer. The templates indicate clear zones and specific areas for addresses. This will ensure your mail can be processed and printed.

3. Mail merge your template

With your chosen template you can populate most areas as you wish, then mail merge with your data as needed. If mail merging is not something you have done before here is our guides on mail merging with word or InDesign. Mail merging is a process of combining a mostly generic body of text with a few consistent variable elements. Such as the recipient’s name or an appointment time and date. Once merged they will need to save the PDF.

4. Upload and Schedule

Now you are ready to arrange your mailings. From PostboxNow you can select your type of mailing, if its single-sided or double-sided, if you want it sent 1st class or 2nd and even if it should be in black and white or colour. Once your selections have been made and your documents uploaded, the rest is up to us. You can sit back, relax and focus on other business tasks or schedule more mailings.

5. We shall process and print on your behalf

PostboxNow will notify us of your mailing, we will then download your files and process them accordingly adding postage and QR codes. Your files will be printed on our professional digital printers before our production team encloses them in envelopes ready to enter the postal system.

6. Signed, sealed, delivered

Once your business mailings have entered the postal system, they will be delivered to your chosen recipients by their local postie.

From your dashboard you will be able to see the history of your mailings, perfect for follow up calls and reporting.

alternative to franking mail

So how does Hybrid Mail work?

Hybrid Mail allows companies to access further postal discounts whilst saving time, money and resources. This is made possible by making the mailings more uniformed for instances a plain white windowed envelope will be used to enclose all letters. Postcards will be printed A5 on the same 100gsm stock. These uniformed elements allow us to process any number of mailings on a quick turnaround. No delay in ordering stock or speciality finishes. Although if there is something specific you are after that is outside of PostboxNow give us a call or email and we will help you as best we can.

By outsourcing the printing, fulfilling and posting your business mail, you are freeing up someone’s time in your business where they can then focus on business-critical tasks instead. By allowing a digital print and mailing house to produce your mail, the quality will be vastly improved from your desktop printer to a Xerox digital printer. No more standing in line at the post office or keeping on top of the latest franking prices.

The price per item will differ based on the quantity of mail you are sending. This is simply due to different postal discounts we can access at different quantities on your behalf and machines running at a more cost-economic rate. Which is reflected in the pricing. The price per item includes the printing, processing and mailing on your items from start to finish. There are no hidden additional charges or fixed monthly payments.

If you want to learn more about Hybrid Mail and its benefit you can visit our dedicated Hybrid Mail solutions page. Alternatively you can sign up to PostboxNow and trial our hybrid service to experience the new way to send business mail online.

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