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How homemover marketing improves your direct mail

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Homemover Marketing with Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution

4 million of the UK population buy and move into new homes every year (that figure increases to 6 million when you include the home renter market).

Moving home is a key life stage event where consumers actively review their spending habits on the goods and services they’ll need for the short, medium & long term future.

They’ll spend on average of £5,000 on the move process along with a further £8,000 on new purchases for that home and will also review service and utility providers for the area.

Home mover marketing provides a huge opportunity for businesses to grab a slice of this £78 billion opportunity by:

  1. Targeting the right people at the right time.

  2. Considering where these prospects are in the home mover cycle in relation to your brand.

  3. Using the best way to communicate with them.

3 reasons to use homemover marketing

Targeting homemovers through home moving marketing can be incredibly beneficial for business. Here are 3 reasons why homemover marketing is the right direct mail approach for your next marketing campaign.

1. Targets the right person at the right time

Ensuring you speak to the right people at the right time is only achievable using accurate, accessible and permissioned data.  Each home move generates new & updated data daily. Without it these potential new customers are out of your reach.

Eight Days a Week Communications, as a Royal Mail™ affiliate partner,  can acquire these fully permissioned insights at every stage of the moving process from the moment a home goes on the market/up for let, to the anniversary of a home move .

With our access to the 100,000 new records added each month (representing approximately 200,000 new individual contacts), these insights are used to send highly personalised, relevant and timely messages about your brand throughout the move process and beyond.

2. Where and when to contact customers in the cycle

A ‘new mover’ is identified over a 24 month period consisting of before, during and after the home move. During this time they will need to find/renew many replacement products & services for their new home

Industries ideal for homemover marketing Royal Mail Leaflets

There are 3 phases that businesses targeting home movers need to be aware of. In each of these phases the mover is more receptive to certain messaging than at other times.

1.Home is placed up for sale/let

2.Home is pending sale/let

3.Prospect has moved and settling into new home

Common pre-mover purchases usually take the form of Utilities, insurances, home improvement materials and moving products and services (obviously!)

3.The best way to contact homemovers

When planning a moving marketing campaign it’s important to consider how are you

going to contact your prospects along with:

  • What will your message be?

  • Will it have a call to action? 

  • How will you track response?

For a  lot of advertisers today digital is the go to channel, however given the sheer volume of digital information across multiple accounts we receive every day it’s easy for email messages to be overlooked.

‘Direct mail is a great choice to reach those new home movers whose new letterboxes will still be relatively empty. ‘

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