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Carbon Capture tree planting day - sustainable paper

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We’re pleased to announce we’ve joined the Carbon Capture Scheme from Premier Paper Group Ltd who has partnered with The Woodland Trust giving companies like Eight Days a Week a chance to inject sustainability into their organisation.

Carbon Capture Company

What is the Carbon Capture Scheme?

The carbon capture programme equates our CO2 emissions generated from the production and delivery of our paper supply to us from Premier Paper. For each tonne of paper we use, our business makes a donation to The Woodland Trust. With these donations from us and other participants, they plant thousands of new trees across their accredited woodland sites in the UK.

Who are The Woodland Trust?

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK. Their mission is to protect, restore and create woodland in the UK. To date, they have saved over 615 woodland areas from destruction. They are restoring 22,000 hectares of ancient woodland and so far have planted over 43 million trees and counting.

What we will be doing?

Tree planting with the woodland trust

As well as joining the carbon capture programme. Our staff also participate in local tree planting days - helping make a difference in the local community as well as striving for more tree coverage across the UK.

Eight Days’ MD Lance Hill and Marketing Manager Simon Scott recently joined 300 other Premier Paper Group Customers at Shipley Country Park. Along with TV's Julia Bradbury, they helped plant 13,000 new trees extending the future woodland coverage there for years to come.

A summary of Eight Days a Week Print Solutions contribution to the Carbon Capture scheme from Premier Paper & the woodland Trust
Our Carbon Capture Contribution up to Oct 2022

Here's our cumulative offset carbon emissions from our production and transportation of paper through carbon capture from 2019 Q4 to date. We will continue to report and document our carbon offset metrics along side our efforts to become more carbon conscious.

The benefits of increasing tree coverage in the UK.

Currently, the UK only has a tree coverage of 13% compared to an average of 44% coverage in most European nations. Focusing on increasing the UK's tree coverage will help improve its biodiversity. It will also help the landscape adapt to climate change as well as a more sustainable future.

Trees are the most effective natural way of reducing CO2 from the atmosphere. Currently, there are 790 million tonnes of Carbon being held in the trees and soil of the UK's woodland and forests. There are many more environmental benefits of planting more trees and woodland areas such as:

  • Trees efficiently improve air quality and fight the effects of pollution.

  • On hot days, trees can reduce the air temperature by up to 7°c in cities.

  • A reduction in UVB radiation of the equivalent of a factor 10 sun cream.

  • They can provide natural long-term solutions for flood prevention when planted in the right places.

  • Studies have shown that they reduce stress and improve our mental well-being.

  • There have been links between spending time in the natural environment and a reduction in heart disease, diabetes, dementia and ADHD.

What does this partnership mean for us and our customers?

Carbon Capture Print Paper