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Helping garden centres grow through print marketing

By working strategically to analyse customer data and generate new leads, we’ve helped UK garden retailers to bloom

Garden centre print solutions

Over the last few years, our team has gained an in-depth understanding and expertise in the garden retail sector. In fact, we’re proud to say that we provide print and direct mail services for three of the UK’s top 10 garden centre groups, along with an ever-increasing number of smaller groups and independents.

Despite the global pandemic and cost of living crisis, we’ve improved sales and significantly increased the reach of these garden retailers by gaining an understanding of their unique circumstances and strategically planning direct mail campaigns that save them money and lead to more sales.

“We’ve developed a reputation for delivering innovative print and mailing solutions that deliver increased ROI, and we’re proud to offer a complete print marketing solution from concept and design through to delivery and distribution."

- Graham Thomas, Sales and Marketing Manager, Eight Days A Week Print Solutions

We’ve been able to do this by:

Analysing customer data

We always start by examining a client’s existing customer data, looking for patterns and analysing which contacts are warm and which ones aren’t currently being targeted. We often review geographical locations and sort through membership lists to build up customer profiles and assess who is most appropriate to target as part of a mail campaign.

Generating new leads

We’re all about helping to grow audiences, too, so we review potential customers close to each retailer and help to link our clients up with them.

Offering incentives that matter

It’s not all about the retailer. We’re keen to help our clients build healthy relationships by providing customers with useful, considerate incentives to visit local stores. In the past, we’ve suggested that retailers provide discounts or special offers that will help mutual connections to blossom. For example, by offering discounted houseplants to new home owners and money off garden plants to those in nearby, new-build homes, we significantly boosted instore sales for one of our valued clients.

Securing postal discounts

Direct mail costs can soon add up, which is why we carefully choose our contact lists. As a Royal Mail Premier Partner, we are able to secure enviable postage discounts for our clients and can help to design campaigns that qualify for as many cost-saving incentives as possible.

The results

Our customers have benefited from:

● Increased footfall in store

● New and returning customers

● Increased sign-ups to their membership schemes

● More sustainable print

● Rises in sales

● Reduced printing and postage costs

● Increased return on investment.

Proven track record

For a more detailed look at how we’ve helped garden retailers to grow, take a look at our case study, explaining how we one of the UK’s leading garden centre chains to bounce back after COVID-19.

Working closely with their marketing team, we reduced their mailing costs, increased footfall, and helped to raised sales. By creating personalised and targeted direct mail marketing which complimented the client’s existing digital promotions, we helped to generate a 215% rise in ROI.

View the case study

“The results of the campaign were excellent, with good response and ROI. We learned lessons from the campaign and aim to make the next mailing even better.”

- Head of Marketing, UK garden centre group

Print management for garden retailers

Our in-depth knowledge of the issues facing garden centres and our experience growing customer bases makes us well-equipped to help expand similar businesses in the horticultural industry.

Our award-winning team won’t just press ‘go’ on your print job, they’ll manage the whole process, from planning and proofing to printing and distribution, so your job is well-targeted, efficient and cost-effective.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your company to benefit from a carefully planned, high-gain approach.