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Printers plan of action through a pandemic

Updated: Apr 13

Lance Hill Managing Director

Eight Days a Week Print Solutions MD Lance Hill writes on how we're moving forward with our customers as the Covid 19 measures continue.

We are now 3 months into the dreadful coronavirus pandemic, and whilst there is evolution with the gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions, we are still living and working in a very strange environment. The new normal? Maybe, but lets hope its temporary.

Clearly we are a long way from any sort of normality, both in our personal lives and business. The economy is going to take years to recover, and I think it is going to be slow, as the damage to some sectors and businesses is nothing short of catastrophic. Add in the awful death rate from the virus itself, and it’s a pretty bleak picture – my heart goes out to all those affected.

Ok, enough of the negative! If you know me you’ll know I’m a positive person, with a positive outlook. That is also part of the Eight Days DNA.

Print and direct specialist grows

The affect of the pandemic on Nottingham printer, EDWPS.

Our business, like most others, has been affected through a decline in activity from our customers, who in turn have also suffered a drastic reduction in sales or even closure in some sectors. However, there are some very early green shoots, glimmers of hope or light at the end of the tunnel to offer a little optimism. I say this cautiously.

How we can help - understanding the impact on our customers

Many of our clients pressed pause, and we understand that, and it was the right decision to ensure they still have a viable business to re-start, re-launch or pick back up where they left off. Now we are back in dialogue with many of those same clients who are looking forward, also with caution, with ambition to re-establish themselves in their own market and their loyal customer base.

Our strategy was clear from the outset of this crisis, no hard sell, no pressure, just support our clients who have helped our business grow over the years. To help them back when they need us, even in very small steps as part of a new Covid marketing strategy (if there is such a thing), which is aligned with revised sales forecasts.

So my message is simple. We are still here, with the same values and competencies as before, we know that budgets are tighter than they were and we will help deliver the best value possible to ensure campaigns are effective and of the highest quality.

It’s going to be a team effort to get our economy fighting back, but we are in this together and I have every confidence we will collectively succeed.

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