Updated: May 7, 2021

The 3 numbers you need to know when targeting local customers


Because these are the 3 numbers that relate to seeing your message, acting immediately and retaining the information.

Given that

98% of people bring in their post every day

(and spend up to 30 minutes reading it), you’re guaranteed that direct mail gets seen (no guesswork involved on emails or other digital methods).

Once seen though you really want people to act on your message. And act now.

79% of people

act on direct mail immediately, compared with only 45% on email, it remains the most powerful way to get an immediate response.

But if you want people to act later, or retain your message, it’s also worth knowing that

48% of people keep hold of mail for future reference.

Print sticks around!

(again, digital communications tend to fade somewhat by comparison)

So the next time you want to be sure you’re reaching prospects, and be sure to get the desired response, either now or in the future, always think of the 3 numbers, and use direct mail.

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