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5 ways to become a more sustainable business

Updated: Apr 13

EDWPS have started to become a more sustainable business with these 5 steps which any big or SME company could implement too.

This isn’t our first step to address and minimise our environmental impact, having joined the Carbon Capture scheme in December and being ISO 14001 accredited for our effective environmental management. These 5 simple and effective additional steps are other ways we have undertaken to further reduce our environmental impact.

What is a sustainable business?

To us, a sustainable business is one that makes every effort to minimise its environmental impact on a global and/or local level with the aim to be neutral or positive.

Addressing its business operations and business strategy to create a more positive differential.

Recycle paper

Step 1 - Recycle paper

Here at EDWPS we have recycling bins located in our print room and warehouse, the two main areas that handles the most paper waste. We have now replaced every office bin for a recycling bin with the hope to encourage minimal general waste. There is now only one general waste bin in the company, minimising how much waste goes in to landfill.

It is estimated that “as much as 80% of things we throw away could be recycled[1]” this isn’t just at home this is in the workplace too. To put it in perspective “recycling a single aluminium can saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours.”

In addition to this we equate our carbon footprint generated from our paper supply and encourage our customers to opt for paper wrap over poly wrap where possible. All to really help tackle our impact from production through to end-user.

Green Cleaning

Step 2 - Green Cleaning

What does green cleaning mean? It means using cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment both in its packaging and ingredients. Researching into what green cleaning products are available in the UK there is a wide range of affordable options.

If this is something you are considering implementing into your business here are our noteworthy mentions:

1. Wilkinsons Eco Cleaning

2. Ecover

3. Method

Wilko Eco cleaning Range

They offer an extensive eco-friendly range of cleaning products from washing up liquid to dishwasher tablets. All ingredients are derived from sustainable plant ingredients and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Its price is very competitive ranging from £1-£3.50 per item without compromising on quality.

ECover Range

Ecover is on a mission to lead a clean world revolution. Ensuring its range is made using clean sourcing, plastic, ingredients, fragrance and manufacturing. They use plant-based ingredients as it doesn’t deplete natural resources because they grow back. With all ingredients being biodegradable they break down into the environment safely. From floor soap to multi-action spray their wide variety of products cater to all of your green cleaning needs.


Eco-friendly products made with non-toxic ingredients to ensure their products are safe for river and marine life. They have a fun colourful and vibrant array of cleaning products from household cleaning to laundry cleaning products too.

New machinery

Step 3 - New machinery

We have been heavily investing in new machinery throughout the business. From new technology to streamline operations and procedures to new machinery in our print room! Investment has been made into new technology for our front offices with the introduction of Low energy screens to ensure we are running as energy efficient as possible whilst meeting the needs of our customers. We can not wait to tell you all about what has been happening in our print room and its environmental benefits! Follow us to keep up to date.

ink cartridges

Step 4 - Ink Cartridges

Being a printer is at the core of our business, so it's no surprise that we have a large amount of ink cartridges in various types and sizes. Where possible we use refillable ink & toner cartridges. Reusing and refilling ink/toner cartridges where possible reduces further pollution, emissions and landfill from simply replacing an ink cartridge with a new one.

When we can't reuse and refill cartridges we always recycle them. This ensures we are reducing their environmental impact as much as possible.

Did you know that up to "97 percent of the materials that make up a printer cartridge can be recycled or reused if taken care of." [3]

Step 5 - Buying fair trade

Where possible we have been buying fair trade items for EDWPS. Buying fair trade encourages stable prices and a sustainable production whilst helping to put back into local communities. A fair price for fair goods as well as good working conditions. It’s an easy change to make but has a much bigger impact.

Fairtrade Tea

Tea is at the heart of many UK business and ours is no exception. However, “not all tea is created equal.”[2] Opting to buy fair trade tea ensures the people who grow and pick our tea can enjoy greater security, equality and opportunities. There is now a vast array of Fairtrade teas available across the UK view the full official list of Fairtrade teas here. From Clipper tea to M&S or even Greggs Fairtrade blend there are many easy and convenient places to buy Fairtrade tea.

Fairtrade Coffee

If your tipple isn’t tea perhaps a hot cup of coffee is. We have opted to now buy Fairtrade coffee. The range of Fairtrade instant coffee isn’t quite as extensive as tea at the moment but it is certainly something that will change in years to come. Some noteworthy fairtrade instant coffee brands available in the UK are:

Percol Fair trade Instant coffee, the first ground coffee to be certified.

Clipper has a range of organic Fairtrade instant coffee from medium roasts to rich roasts and decaf.

Café Direct offers a range of instant coffee that is fair trade from Decaf to Machu Picchu


We hope you might join us in making seemingly small changes to start to have a much bigger impact. These are just 5 steps of how we are becoming a sustainable business follow our progression on our sustainable business page. If you have any recommendations or sustainable tips please comment below and let us know.

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