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Pharmaceutical Marketing
with Print and Direct mail

Over 65% of all printed materials received by Healthcare professionals in the UK are processed and mailed from our Nottingham print and mailing house.  We handle sensitive data and time-critical print and digital communications on a daily basis, sending out over 15 million postal items worldwide a year. It is safe to say we are well versed in pharmaceutical marketing and have the services to help achieve your print marketing goals to deadline. 

From delivering high-quality print services to hand fulfilment or optimised postage worldwide, we are set up to handle your sensitive data securely and effectively. We can help and advise on how best to deliver your message clearly and which print marketing solution would be the most effective. 

We know the pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive and reactive one, which is why we are set up to deliver tight deadlines without compromising on quality or quantity. 

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Discover how we could help you with your Pharmaceutical marketing

get advice on what would deliver the best result and ROI


Looking for a pharmaceutical marketing strategy that will give you the edge over your competitors? Delivered timely to keep up with current trends and news? We have a wide range of services that can help you achieve these results. Combined with efficient systems already set up to deal with sensitive data we can easily handle your next print marketing campaign.

To help reach your target here is our key pharmaceutical marketing advice we strongly recommend you think about implementing or including. 

Keeping on top of your data is no easy work. Updating mail returns after a campaign is invaluable in the long run. You won't be contacting people who have moved on or no longer wish to receive communications. This ensures you are not seen as a nuisance or impact your brand negatively. We know this can be a time-consuming task to undertake inhouse which is why we offer this as an additional service at EDWPS. 

If your not sure how clean your data is or when it was last updated, we would highly suggest our free data health check service. Here we can advise on the quality and quantity of your records. We can make recommendations on how we could further improve your data where warranted. 

No matter if you are multi-channel marketing or marketing through a single channel. We would highly recommend having a clear consistent message across every platform and in your design. Combined with a strong call to action will help the end user to clearly understand the message and know what is expected from them.


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