... after all personalisation pays

of customers will pay more for a great experience

Source: Salesforce research, 2018

bought or ordered as a result of receiving mail

Source: IPA touchpoints, 2018

said mail made them feel more valued than email

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times, Kantar TNS, 2017




Time to get personal

with your customers

Let your data drive

your marketing both online and offline


Including your customers name goes a long way, above all it shows that your business cares about them. 


Spending habit

Discounts and offers can change to reflect and reward previous expenditure.



Adapt your product or service selection based on the receivers' gender, ensuring its relevant and of interest.

Previous purchase


Upsell a relevant product that complements a previously bought item or requires a repeat purchase



Tell them about opening times of their local store, upcoming events or a discount to use in store to increase footfall.

Annual Income


Tailor the price range of your products or services to your customers annual income to maximise your conversion rate. 

Your next steps

1. Get in touch

2. Lets talk about your data

3. Make a memorable mailing!

Just remember...

'People will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel'

Maya Angelou