Why use Direct Mail?

With such an emphasis on online marketing, well-considered direct mail can really help you stand out.

It gets you directly in front of your customers and has a larger impact than digital marketing.

It’s more likely to stay around for longer and been seen by more people, generating new leads.

Printed assets offer you credibility and increased brand awareness.

Each mailout can be individually tailored to its recipient.

Direct mail can provide a real sense of value to your customers and build brand loyalty.

It can be a highly effective element of multi-channel campaigns.

Our team can make the design, print and mailing process straightforward and cost-effective.

Why use Eight Days a Week Print Solutions?

Whether you’ve never printed anything before, or you’re a seasoned marketeer,

Eight Days A Week can help you make your print marketing a reality.


Our team have enviable experience in producing effective marketing across print and digital channels, which offer a high return on investment. Our links with postage suppliers allow us to offer competitive pricing across all our services.


Whatever the project in hand, we’ll treat you as an extension of our team, involving you every step of the way. We’ll always listen, rather than telling you what to do. And we’ll work with you to get your message out quickly, in the most effective way.


It's time to get personal

The average response rate for direct mail is 4.4%, compared to the average response rate for email marketing, at 0.12%.* Direct mail can offer a very reliable return for a reasonable cost, and the results can easily be measured, by using unique offer codes and discounts.

There are countless ways to harness the power of direct mail, using leaflets (like this one), postcards, booklets, magazines and more.

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  • NAME

       Name goes a long way with marketing. It                 shows customers that your business cares                 about them!


       Upsell a relevant product that complements

       a previously bought item or requires a repeat           purchase.    

Personalise your next mailing by...


       These product images and text are variable

       and can be personalised based on the receivers’         gender.


       Based on your audience’s annual income,

       the price range of products shown will alter                   accordingly.


       Discounts and offers can change to reflect and             reward previous expenditure.


Making the most of your data

You know your customers address and what they bought from you previously. If you can decide what you would like them to buy from you next you are well on the way to a GDPR compliant campaign.

We will help you make sense of the data you hold and show you the best way to incorporate personalised text and images into your brochure, leaflet or postcard.

Speak to every customer

At Eight Days A Week, we can help you to create a bespoke brochure or product catalogue which really speaks to every customer.


By tailoring content to individuals, or segmenting recipients based on their gender, income or previous purchasing history, your direct mail marketing can become more effective than ever, delivering a greater response and return on investment.

Make every mailing unique

We can work with you to create a design, then print and mail it to your selected customers. Every brochure could be different, allowing you to market products and services in an entirely unique way. We can help you customise direct mailouts to contain specific wording, images, products or offers.

Experiment with new ideas

Our team work closely with Royal Mail, meaning we have access to postal incentives that make it easier and less costly for you to test new concepts and types of mailing.

Boost engagement and brand awareness

By building your brand, you’re creating a community. Bespoke direct mail can help make your 

customers feel valued and promote loyalty to you and your products.

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