Our Sustainable Business

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Carbon Neutral

In June 2021 we engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain with the ambition to measure and offset our organisations total emissions -

becoming a Carbon Neutral Business


Recycling Paper

Our main waste is paper, whilst we have always had recycling bins in our warehouse these have now been introduced to our print room and offices.

Image by Mike Kenneally

Buying fair trade

EDWPS supports fair trade by buying fair trade coffee and tea. We believe in supporting a fair wage and economy world wide.

Step 2

Carbon Capture

Follow our journey on our dedicated Carbon Capture page. Why, when and how we are tackling our carbon emissions created from our paper supply.

Image by Markus Spiske

New Machinery

EDWPS has made a BIG investment in the Xerox Baltoro Inkjet press. It is cost quality optimised to ensure it runs efficiently with both value, volume and velocity.  

Ink Jet Printer

Ink Cartridges

Being a Printer we have a wide range of printers big and small through out the business. Ink is another one of our largest resources which is why we refill and recycle our ink cartridges.

Step 3

Tree Planting Days

EDWPS has been diggin' in on a tree planting day with the Woodland Trust. Around 13,000 tree's where planted in one day!

Step 6

Paper Wrap

EDWPS has helped develop a new way of doing paper wrap which makes it viable for small volumes. It is the environmentally friendly alternative to poly-wrap. 

Step 9

Two Sides

As a member of Two Sides -  we help promote the sustainability of the print communication supply chain and educate potential users about common environmental misconceptions.

We are ISO 14001 accredited which means that we already implement a framework for an effective environmental management system. However we don't want to stop just there!

We have been taking strides both big and small to make our business even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There is still a long way to go but please join us on our journey to becoming a sustainable business.