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Multi-Channel Marketing -
Print, Email and Text

Marketing is an ongoing process of putting your business and message in front of your target customers. Communicating multiple times across a range of platforms helps to break through the noise, gain trust and help start to build a relationship.

We know it is best practise to use multiple channels in your marketing strategy.

It gives you greater insights into your customers and guides you on their preferred method of contact. It tells you where your customers are and allows you to invest more in those who are in the engaged in your business or service who are more likely to be in the buying mode.  

So why not combine an email campaign with a Direct Mail or Door to Door to really get the best results. 

Make the most of your Email and SMS Marketing with

data check

Check the quantity and quality of your data before sending your Email Campaign. 

Free Data Check

Data health check

Remove corrupted data and amend where possible, increasing your delivery rate and ROI.

Data Cleanse

data cleanse
Cleansing data

Create a multichannel marketing campaign by combining Emails and / or SMS with Direct Mail.

Direct Mail

Combine your email campaign or SMS with Door to Door to really canvas an area raising your brand awareness.

Door to Door

Leaflet distribution
Royal Mail leaflet distribution

Email Campaigns

Builds credibility and trust

Can include personalisation

Experiment with split A/B testing

Tracking and Reporting on your email

Triggered email can be setup

Can supply artwork or have it designed

Compliment your offline marketing with online email marketing. Increase your customer impressions and reach whilst building your brand, relationship and trust. 

The benefits our email campaigns:

Email Marketing Campaigns

SMS Marketing

SMS typically have a high open rate

Fast and effective

Buildings brand awareness and trust

Eco-friendly - comparatively low carbon footprint

With Smartphone users increasing, most platforms are becoming smart-phone friendly. Your Marketing is no exceptions. An SMS message can really cut through the noise and is seen instantly by your customer.

The benefits of SMS Marketing:

SMS Marketing

What is multi channel marketing?


Multichannel marketing is interacting with customers across multiple platforms both online and offline with the same strategic message.

There is a wide choice of marketing platforms to choose from; email, print ad, leaflet drop, direct mail, SMS messaging, website, promotional event, social media, storefront, catalogue and many more.

The importance of the same consistent message across the different channels is vital, as customers might interact with the same campaign on any or all of the platforms.

The goal is to deliver the campaign message to current or prospective customers on their preferred method platform for maximum results. 

How does multichannel marketing benefit the customer?


Multichannel marketing doesn’t just benefit your business with its ROI it adds value to your customers too.



You are making the effort to reach them on their preferred platform, where they are already. Avoiding the need for them to create an account, sign up or seek you out. You are reaching them and learning more how they like to interact with your business. It’s invaluable information to improve further communications and can shape how you will interact in the future too.


Our customers shopping patterns and behaviours change with new platforms and ways of communicating. With a multichannel campaign you are continuously learning how your customers want to interact and shop with your company. Providing them with a range of choice they can choose what is best for them. Perhaps they want something physical to look at in their own time, or an email to look and respond to on their lunch break. Maybe a short and simple SMS message to follow up with a phone call the next day. By giving them choice, you are increasing the chance of them reacting and int heir preferred method.


Perhaps you already have data on your customers, so you know how you want to segment and target your message to them. If not, you can begin gather data with a multichannel campaign to shape future campaigns. By segmenting and targeting your customers with personalised and tailored campaigns they will feel more valued. For example, a Veterinary surgery might send a personalised and tailored Direct mail reminding their customers of vaccinations. The owners name, pets name, due date and local clinic address could all be included letting the customer feel valued. The image on the Direct mail could reflect their type of pet, dog, cat rabbit etc. These extra efforts of personalisation and segmenting your data accordingly can help flourish your relationships with your customers.

Trust and reassurance

A strong presence offers reassurance to your customers that you are a real reputable company, especially to prospective customers who haven’t bought from you before. With online marketing becoming inundated with spam and fraudsters, building trust and reassurance is key to converting prospective customers.

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