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Mail Fulfilment

Mail Fulfilment is an integral part of your direct mail campaign, deciding how to send your mail items to your customers.  We will advise the most suitable and efficient fulfilment services to meet your deadline and campaign goals.

Hand Enclosing

Bespoke assembly of your inserts

Ideal for items that are not compatible with machine enclosing

Executed by an experienced team

Hand Enclosing is ideal when mail inserts should be seen in a specific order or if they require complex assembling.

Key facts for Hand Enclosing:

Machine Enclosing

Camera matching to marry up inserts and envelopes

Time and cost saving

Multiple item insertion

Machine enclosing lends itself to tight deadlines and high volumes due to its speed and efficiency.

The benefits of Machine Enclosing:

Make the most of your mail fulfilment with these extras

Check the quantity and quality of your data before sending your Direct Mail Campaign. 

Free Data Check

Remove corrupted data and amend where possible, increasing your delivery rate and ROI.

Data Cleanse

Cleanse your data a step further and remove those flagged and someone not to contact and learn why.

Data Cleanse+

Paper Wrap

Make an impact with our paper wrap solution, now cost effective for both large and small volumes!

Key facts for our paper wrap solution:

Environmentally friendly alternative to poly-wrap

Offers additional advertising space

Fully recyclable

Qualifies for sustainable postage savings

It can be fully personalised inside and out

Promotes a good business ethos 

Robust & durable to withstand the postal system

Can include up to 9 mail inserts into one paper wrap, combining postage to create savings.

Speak to one of our Mail Fulfilment experts today 0115 939 9797


We can help advise the best way to fulfil your campaign to the highest quality whilst also being the most cost effective.

How EDWPS can help with your Mail Fulfilment services

  • We offer a complete in-house service

  • Experienced team to offer help and advice

  • ISO9001 accredited, we provide a recognised Quality Management System

  • Efficient process offering a fast turn around 

  • Tailored to your campaign and business needs

  • Access to a cost effective Paper wrap ideal for both large and small volumes