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How to change a PDF page size to A4.

  1. Open your chosen PDF in Adobe Acrobat

  2. Select File – Print

  3. Click on Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer

  4. Click on Page Setup

  5. On the paper size drop down menu click on A4

  6. Now click on Properties – Advanced

  7. Now in the window select A4 from the drop-down paper size menu and confirm by clicking ok

  8. Click ok to confirm all selected properties

  9. Click print

  10. Now chose your file name and destination

I have sent mail 1st Class
but its showing as 2nd Class

This is due to your mailing item having an international destination.


All international mail is handled in the same way, not differentiated by 1st or 2nd class. This is why its showing as 2nd class despite being in your 1st class postbox. It defaults to showing as 2nd class as this is how we need to handle your item in production. Rest assured this will not impact the timescale of the delivery.

Failure Message due to Invalid page count.

This error shows when the PDF uploaded cannot be split according to page split number selected.


For example, if the PDF uploaded has 13 pages but you have selected a postbox that splits pages by 2.


The system recognises this error allowing you to then either amend the PDF or select a single page split. 

Sharing a file with support.

Our support team cannot view your items in your Postroom without your permission.


If you are experiencing any issues with items and wish to share items with our PostboxNow support team to help resolve the problem.


If you would like to share an item with our team:

  1. Select the items you are having with problems with by ticking the box on the left hand side.

  2. Click the ‘share with support’ button which will allow our team to view your items for 75 minutes.

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