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How do I add credit onto my account?

Yes! Once you have logged into your account click on Add Credit.
A pop up will appear where you can enter the amount you wish to add and your payment details. 

Can I send international mail with hybrid mail?

Yes you can send international mail with our hybrid mail system PostboxNow. 

Can I recall my mail?

You can only recall your mail if it's still in your Post tray. After the allocated 30minutes in the post tray and your mail will enter our Postroom and can no longer be recalled.

Do you have any PostboxNow Templates?

Yes we do, click here to download our word template or click here for other variations and instructions on setting up artwork. 

Can I change my account password?

Yes, you can change your password as and when.
Simply log into your account, navigate to Account Admin and click on password. Enter the required fields and hit save. 

Can I share PostboxNow with my team?

Yes find out here how you can set up Teams and Teamboxes. Each member of your team will need their own Postbox Now account to set these up. 

Where will my mail be printed and mailed from?

Your mail will be processed, printed and mailed at Eight Days a Week Print Solutions based in Nottingham.

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