Hybrid Mail Solutions

Our Hybrid Mail solution - Postbox Now is the ideal business mailing service for companies wishing to outsource their regular outgoing mail. Just a few clicks allows you to print and post mail online from anywhere enabling time, costs and resources to be put to better use in your business.

It's the perfect mail service for remote workers too - something we're all more familiar with in recent months, allowing you to continue day to day operations and send business mail from home.

Is your regular business mail taking up valuable time, money and resources that could be used better elswhere in your business?
Postbox Now - Our Hybrid Mail solution is the ideal mailing service for you!

The benefits

Hybrid Mail Solutions


Professional high quality printing

Significant postal savings over franking

Streamline you outbound business mailing 

Ideal for personalisation

Increase business productivity by freeing up resources and staff.


"I can highly recommend Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their quality and speed of service. For businesses looking to outsource their office mail with a Hybrid mail service they are a great partner and it is surprising how easy this was to do for as little as 100 letters per day."


Why use Hybrid Mail?

  • Significant postal savings compared to stamps & using a franking machine.

  • No capital expenditure to get setup and mailing - just pay for print and postage

  • Saves time and frees up your resources

  • Desktop to Doormat with just a few clicks

  • Simple to use online portal 

  • No software installations needed, simply upload from your desktop

Essentially a Hybrid Mail service allows you print and post letters online sending your repetitive regular business mail through an online portal instead of doing it in-house.  All you have to do is upload your document and data through our secure, simple to use portal.  All printing, enclosing and posting is then is fulfilled by ourselves saving you time, money and increasing your business productivity for anyone who mails letters regularly.

What is Hybrid Mail?

How Hybrid Mail Works

  1. Prepare your document and data as normal

  2. Upload your files to our secure cloud-based portal

  3. Select the format and postal services

  4. Click submit and leave the rest to us.

  5. We'll print your letter/postcard, insert into envelopes if needed and then place straight into the Royal Mail™ delivery network.

Is Hybrid Mail for me?

  • Do you have regular outbound mail?

  • Is this consuming an employees time? 

  • Could the quality of your outbound mail be improved?

  • Could there be additional postage savings?

  • Do you feel you would benefit by streamlining this process?

 If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions Hybrid Mail is the perfect solutions for you.​

Why use EDWPS for your Hybrid Mail Solution?

  • We are an experienced Mailing House

  • Our experienced team will help and advise to deliver the best results possible.

  • Access to postal discounts and incentives

  • ISO9001 accredited, we provide a recognised Quality Management System

  • Our user friendly Hybrid Mail Service is designed to streamline your outbound mailing