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PostboxNow compatible templates

PostboxNow has 2 requirements for letters:

  1. They need to be A4 (210x297mm) and saved as a PDF

  2. The recipient address must be located in the watch zone which is 5.23cm in height and 8.03cm in width indented 1.49cm to the right of the page and 4.11cm from the top of the page.


Download our Microsoft Word letter template here


Download our instructions on how to add an address box to your word document here.

Once you are happy with your letter you can save it as a PDF by going to
File – Save as and open the drop-down menu for File Format.

Here select PDF, chose your file name, location and click save.

How to save a word file as a PDF

There two ways you can save a word file as PDF in word.


The first way is through saving:

  1. Once happy with your document in Word click File – Save as

  2. A pop up will appear on screen, where File format appears open the drop down menu and select PDF

  3. If you wish to change the saving location or name of file you can do this here too

  4. Click Save


You now have a saved PDF of your Word document.



The second way is through printing:

  1. Once happy with your document in Word click File – Print

  2. In the bottom left is a PDF drop down menu, select save as PDF

  3. Here you can save the name of the file, author, keywords if needed etc

       Please do not include any security passwords as this will result in the PDF                 failing in PostboxNow

   4. Hit Save

 You now have a saved PDF of document created in Microsoft Word.

How to make an existing word document PostboxNow friendly

If you already have a word document you want to use for PostboxNow here is how to make sure it will be accepted by our hybrid mail system. The main factors are to ensure it is A4 in size and for the address box to be located in the correct position.  

1.    Open your Microsoft Word document

2.    On the top menu bar select Insert

3.    Now click on the Text box and choose Simple text box

4.    Double click on your text box and in the top menu you can change the size to be Height: 5.23cm and Width: 8.03cm


5.    Now click on the outline button also found in the top menu and click no outline 


6.    To get the position of the textbox exact right click on the text box and select More layout options…

7.    A pop-up box will appear of advanced settings Under the position tab enter             the following settings: 

Opt for absolute position and enter 1.49cm
to the right of the page
•    Vertical
Opt for absolute position and enter 4.11cm
Below page
•    Options
Tick lock anchor and click ok

8.    Now your address text box is the correct size and location its times to add the address. To do this type your address as normal, if you are mail merging your document this is where you would add your address merge fields. 

9.    Make sure to save your template in an easily accessible place so you can use it again.

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