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How to Guides
for Hybrid mail, digital print & data services

Here are some quick and easy guides for printing and mailing with EDWPS.

From checking over your artwork before submitting to how to use and access your secure SFTP. These are great references for new comers to print marketing or ideal reminders for seasoned professionals. 

Mail merge is an effective tool which allows you to merge your data excel spreadsheet with a single Word document. No need for copying, pasting and amending multiple PDFs manually. 

No matter if you export your data from your CRM system or have it to hand. Simply add some universal headers such as FirstName, LastName, AddressLine1 etc. Just make sure the headers' naming convention has no spaces in it. 

Prepare your letter or document in word or use our hybrid mail Word document if you are wanting to send via PostboxNow.

Once your data and document is prepared, open up the PDF step by step guide and you will have a merged document in no time. 

Microsoft word mailmerge how to guide

Within InDesign you can data merge your artwork with your data file much like you can in a word document.
The steps are different but they both result in PDFs created from your document and data amalgamated together. 

Your data will need to be saved as a .csv delimited file or a .txt delimited with tabulation, with columns headed with clear uniform identifiable titles with no spaces. 

If you are planning on sending a letter through our hybrid mail system PostboxNow please use our InDesign template. However the PDF step-by-step guide will work for any InDesign file and data.

InDesign data merge might be preferable for your hybrid mail postcards with variable text over artwork as well as address and body copy. When exporting the PDFs you are prompted if there has been any overset text, to prompt you to edit or amend as needed. 

How to InDesign data merge on a mac

No matter if its your first time or fifty-fifth time submitting artwork for print here is a quick and easy checklist to make sure its print ready first time. 

From minimum font size and hairlines to reminder about outlining your fonts. All to ensure everything is as needed and expected to get the best possible print quality every time. If ever you have any questions on how to setup your artwork we have a dedicated print templates pages to help you get started. If your question still isn't resolved please do not hesitate to be in touch

With complete guides on how to export print-ready PDFs from Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. 

Creating print ready artwork PDFs from Adobe software

Thinking of using foil printing in your next print project? Here's a complete guide to foil printing.


Covering the main 3 types of foil print, which process is best and inspiring examples of gold foil printing and foiled packaging. Including a quick guide on how to set up your artwork for digital foil printing, ensuring perfect printing every time. 


At Eight Days a Week Print Solutions we offer a digital foil printing finish. Digital foiling allows for flexibility, intricate designs, and personalisation. It's comparatively cost-effective too. As a professional digital printer, this finishing technique allows for the same timescales and flexibility our clients enjoy from Digital print. 

Goil foiling machine set up ready to be used at a digital printing house
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