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Healthcare Marketing solutions

Working with several companies in the healthcare sector, both private and within the NHS. We offer a range of services including Direct mail, Hybrid mail and Door to Door, helping them achieve their marketing goals and enabling them to successfully communicate and engage with their patients and a wider target audience.


There are many ways we could assist with your healthcare marketing.  Our Hybrid mail solution has streamlined and managed outbound office mail to run efficiently, saving time and money.  

We have also assisted healthcare organisations with printing, fulfilling and mailing items nationwide and worldwide. Every instance is a case by case basis and we will always tailor our service to maximise your results.

Optician & hearing specialist


" Our daily letter volume has been growing and was starting to become a drain on our internal resource, but as these are critical communications it was not something we could stop doing. Eight Days a Week were able to take on this work quickly and efficiently whilst improving quality and control of distribution. We now have a seamless process in place which has become automated and is very simple which takes the workload away from us in-house.


I can highly recommend Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their quality and speed of service. For businesses looking to outsource their office mail they are a great partner and it is surprising how easy this was to do for as little as 100 letters per day."

Case Study

The Customer

A team of qualified opticians and hearing specialists working all over the country. They carry out eye & hearing tests in clients own homes, helping them find glasses or hearing aids as needed.

The Challenge

More and more time was being devoted to daily letter creation, fulfilling & mailing of critical communications. Volumes were growing on a week to week basis and a process was needed to be put in place.

The Solution

Eight days a week took the whole process in house. Upon receipt of a weekly recipient database from the client a staggered postal release program was agreed upon. Eight days then print, mailsort and deliver directly into the postal network attracting processing, postage and time savings. A streamlined process is now in place allowing the client to focus their much valued time and effort on other essential tasks.

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Discover how we could help you with your Healthcare marketing

get advice on what would deliver the best result and ROI


No matter if this is your first time exploring offline marketing or your 100th time. There is always new advances in how we can help and assist your healthcare marketing plan. From ways we can improve your data to customer segmentation and targeting your campaigns.
Here are our top tips to get the best results. 

Data is always the first port of call, accessing the quality and quantity with our free data health check. Seeing if there is anyway improvements we can make to ensure we are not wasting money contacting those who have moved home or sending mail to incorrect addresses. 

Personalisation delivers results. It communicates to your customer that you care and value them. That you have taken the time to inform them of services or products that will genuinely benefit them in some way. This will have an increase in engagement and sales as a direct result.

Now with clean data it's time to drill down and segment your data accordingly. This will then allow you to personalise your campaign more to your target audiences. Using your segmented data to carefully choose the personalisation will help have a bigger impact with your customer and make them feel valued as a result. 

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