Getting Started

With PostboxNow

An introduction to PostboxNow

PostboxNow is an online secure platform where you upload your business mail for us to receive, process, print and mail for you on the same day.


  • To get started sign up for free at PostboxNow and create your user account.

  • Top up some credit  on your account.

  • Create a postbox as to how you want your mailings to go – Black and white or colour, 1st class or 2nd class etc.

  • Upload your PDFS and we will take care of the rest.


If you work with a team, we can advise you on how to set up them as users with access to a shared team postbox.

How to send a letter with PostboxNow

Ready to swap your franking machine or stamps for our Hybrid mail system, PostboxNow?

To get started you will need 3 things:


  1. A PostboxNow account – it’s free to sign up.

  2. Internet connection and preferably use google chrome as your browser.

  3. Your letters in PDF format already mail merged with the address in the correct area.

  • Once you have this ready sign into your account.

  • Click on the icon of the Postbox you wish to use.

  • A new windows file explorer will open, here you can select the PDF of your chosen mailing and click open

  • Please stay on this page and do not navigate off as your document is uploading

  • Once uploaded you will see a preview screen. Here you can check the address is located in the green box and it looks how you want it to.

  • You will then have the option of failing the item if it doesn’t look right or you can accept it by clicking on ‘Looks great’ button

  • Your mailing will then enter your Post tray where it will sit for 30 minutes, during this time you can recall it if you need to before it enters our Postroom.  You can also preview your items here.

How to create a Postbox

You are in full control of your postboxes.

They allow you to select how you want your mailings to be printed and processed such as 1st class and colour. Your preferences will save for when you come to use your account again. 

To create a new Postbox: 
1.    Click on PostboxNow found in your left menu
2.    Now click on the add icon above new postbox
3.    Here you can enter the name of your new postbox
4.    Time to enter how you want us to handle your documents and how our system         can recognise the start of each new letter going to a new recipient

  •    No split needed 
Choose this option if there is only one recipient in the entire PDF to be uploaded. 

•    Split by page
If you have mail merged your letter so it contains multiple recipients with a fixed number of pages per letter, choose this option. 

For example, if you upload a PDF that contains 100 pages, and you opt for split by 2 pages. Our system will then understand that there are 50 recipients each receiving 2 pages. 

•    Split by Keyword
This option is for when each letter varies in length, the PDF is mail merged and contains multiple recipients.

You can opt to tell us about a common keyword on the 1st page of every letter which identifies the start of each letter such as Our ref, Date, Dear, Page 1 etc. 
The chosen keyword must be on the start of every letter and in the same position as you have to draw a watchzone for our system to know where to look.  The watchzone can be large enough to capture the keyword and it doesn’t matter if additional data falls within it too. 

5.    Now choose between colour or black 
6.    Pick a mail service, 1st class or 2nd class
7.    In Advanced settings you can also choose: 

•    Single or double sided printing (double sided is the default)
•    PostboxID (for advanced users only) this is where workflows are set up for         adding letterheads etc.

8.    Save, Now you can start posting letters. 


Still need help?