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Garden & home direct mail marketing

When it comes to garden and home marketing we have a proven track record of implementing the right print marketing strategically to deliver successful results. We know that this is a sector that responds well to direct mail, receiving something tangible and evoking a strong call to action. 

We have worked closely with numerous Garden Centres across the UK. Every client has been different with their own unique goals and challenges to overcome. Typically it all starts by looking at the data, who we can target or who currently isn't being targeted. We have a range of data services to help make the most out of every campaign. The data will lead to how best to reach your target customers from direct maildoor to door to a multi-channel campaign. From here we can optimise your postage and advise on the best print solutions. Maybe adding personalisation to make your customer feel valued or catch their eye with a gold foiled voucher. 

Hillview Garden Centre

Garden and Home Marketing

"We see DM as a key component of our marketing mix. The innovative solutions suggested by Eight Days A Week Print Solutions have demonstrated how shifting a greater percentage of our budget to print can not only complement our digital and online activity but work successfully alongside it, increasing ROI and footfall and adding a personal touch to our campaigns.

At a time when consumer spending is slowing and costs are rising, a combination of direct, personalised mail, emails, social, in-store promotion and a brilliant website work together to help increase the impact of our communications."

Catherine Brooks 

Marketing Manager

Case Study

The Customer

A successful chain of garden retail outlets spread across central England. Comprised of eleven different outlets each offering a varied range of products and services such as garden furniture and in-house cafes.

The Challenge

At a time when consumer spending was slowing and costs rising, combined with unusual summer weather impacting footfall. A cost effective way to increase traffic and ATV was needed.

The Solution

Introducing personalised and targeted Direct Mail into their marketing plan to compliment their online and digital marketing efforts. Focusing on their loyalty members to quickly react to the loss of footfall.

This targeted campaign combined with reduced mailing costs resulted in marked increase in ATV and generated an impressive ROI.


We are now their go-to print company having delivered an exceptional service and results.

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Hillview Garden Centres
Planters Garden Centre
Whiteleys Garden Centre
Carpenders Park Garden
Hillier Garden Centre
Skylark Garden Centre
The Old Railway Line

If you are looking at implementing print marketing into your garden centres marketing plan here are some key tips and advice we would strongly recommend you to consider. 


Making your printed communication piece personalised increases response. When done correctly, using what you know about your customers, it becomes a more engaging way to connect with them - offering a truly unique message they can't help responding to. 


With the right customer data and our digital print technology, we can personalise your communication with text, images, maps, loyalty coupons and barcodes
- creating a different print piece for each recipient.

See how we personalised this 8-page mailer for Garden Store customers across 11 store locations with offers based on purchase history, loyalty points and cafe availability - some of which could be tracked upon redemption in-store using barcodes

Personalised Garden Store Example

Data is at the heart of every marketing campaign both offline and online. Having good strong data will save you time and money. It is always worth while to utilise our free data health check to see the true quality and quantity of your database. From here give specialised advice as to how we could improve your data, or use it to target customers currently outside of your reach. This is GDPR compliant and avoids needing to buy any data. Our data services will really maximise your campaigns to the fullest.

As members of the Horticultural Trade Association we were invited to speak at the HTA's annual Marketing Forum.

Presenting our knowledge of Print, Postal Optimistaion and Direct Mail along with our experience of already working with several Garden centres, we highlighted ways in which they could drive footfall, increase average spend and maintain customer loyalty.

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