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Working with national and independent garden centres across the country our advice and experience has helped brands in this rapidly expanding sector to connect with their customers using personalised, innovative, cost-effective marketing campaigns that deliver a great ROI. 

Personalisation Pays

Making your printed communication piece personalised increases response. When done correctly, using what you know about your customers, it becomes a more engaging way to connect with them - offering a truly unique message they can't help responding to. 


With the right customer data and our digital print technology, we can personalise your communication with text, images, maps, loyalty coupons and barcodes
- creating a different print piece for each recipient.

See how we personalised this 8-page mailer for Garden Store customers across 11 store locations with offers based on purchase history, loyalty points and cafe availability - some of which could be tracked upon redemption in-store using barcodes

As members of the Horticultural Trade Association we were invited to speak at the HTA's annual Marketing Forum.

Presenting our knowledge of Print, Postal Optimistaion and Direct Mail along with our experience of already working with several Garden centres, we highlighted ways in which they could drive footfall, increase average spend and maintain customer loyalty.

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