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Franchise Marketing Solutions

We are well aware time is money specially when managing a franchise. As well as our print services and print marketing services we also work closely with franchises to streamline their print process with bespoke print portals. Our print portals are designed to alleviate time and pressure so you can focus your efforts where needed, whilst we will manage and fulfil your print portal.

Print Portals are a way a Franchise can control their branding whilst having editable field texts on design templates. They remain in control of who has access and to what products they will see on a case by case basis. The franchisees can order their required print products and we will manage, fulfil and deliver their order. 

Exercise Company

Franchise testimonial Quote

EDWPS has worked closely with Exercise Anywhere to create a branded website that displays the full range of templated marketing materials that are available to the licencees, including leaflets, posters, postcards, direct mail postcards and banners.

This system is a key factor in protecting the integrity of the NWUK and WALX brands as well as ensuring that licensees are always compliant. Further to this EDWPS consulted on the design of new materials utilising the latest visual mapping technology to ensure that the licensees benefit from materials that are effective.

EDWPS suggested and developed a registration process that ensures that licensees are only served with those items that are relevant to their brand and business, making the experience concise and simple.

Whilst the system has only been launched in recent months and we are still in a process of populating the site with materials and registering users, the initial feedback is very positive, thus adding value to the overall proposition delivered by Exercise Anywhere.

Innes Kerr
Business Development Director

Exercise Anywhere

Case Study

The Customer

A franchise-based business offering guided walking activities to people wishing to seek group outdoor experiences led by professionals. They have 2 main walking brands split over several disciplines with implementation partners based in towns, cities & counties across the country

The Challenge

This exercise company wanted a way to control their brand whilst providing support to their franchisees to market their individual walking activities.  They wanted to offer a suite of marketing materials ranging from Flyers, Posters and personalised customer postcards.

The Solution

Eight Days a Week created a branded print portal along with individual marketing materials.  Certain areas of the products were also made editable and restricted to use their brand guidelines.

This allowed the franchisee to place their own variable contact and event details within a product prior to ordering allowing them to promote their own franchise whilst maintaining the Franchisor's brand look and format.

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Print - Portal & Management

Print - Digital Printing

Bespoke print on demand portals

Bespoke print on demand portals

Print of demand portal

Add value to your franchise operation by providing your franchisees with access to your own one-stop dynamic, flexible marketing portal.

  • Order and pay for approved marketing materials keeping brand consistency across all locations.

  • Upload individual stores customer lists to send out direct mail communications.

  • Customise access based on user subscription levels.

  • All orders can be approved centrally by a single or multiple individuals.

We know the importance of consistant branding, voice and message for any business. Sometimes this can be a hard task for Franchises and Franchisees. Our bespoke print portals ensure there is a consistant message, voice and overall look and feel of your print materials across the board. 

You remain in control of your brand by only allowing certain items to be editable and that can be controlled further. 

Safeguarding your Franchise Brand

Editable templates are only necessary for certain print materials. 

For example some print materials you might need variable text fields for your franchisees to have their name, contact number etc. We can assist in setting up templates where only certain areas are editable. Font type, colour and size can be restricted also. This ensures a consistant look and feel across your brand. 

Depending on your Franchise you might need variable images for your franchisees to choose from accordingly. We can have these set up so these are available when amending the template too. 

Some products such as in introductory booklet /handbook or sign up form will be the same for every franchisee. These fixed products will be set up on your online portal so they can be ordered in the required quantities at the agreed price. We will manage the order, fulfilment and delivery to ensure a smooth process for both your and your franchisee.

Your print portal will be set up so everyone will need to register and request access before seeing your products and ordering. This ensures your materials are only accessed by approved franchisees or personnel.

With each request to access your print portal we will check to ensure they can be granted access and to what level. Depending on your products and franchise you might only want certain products to be available to certain franchisees. We can control this seamlessly so they are unaware of other products or their level of access.

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