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Environment Policy

This policy confirms our commitment to continual improvement in managing environmental issues including the proper management and monitoring of waste, the reduction of wastes and emissions, prevention of pollution, and compliance with environmental legislation, training for all of our staff and the monitoring of environmental performance.


We work in close partnership with our suppliers to ensure that we are at the forefront of any advances in waste management control and will constantly seek the advice of those with greater experience in this field.


Legislation and codes of practice will be viewed as our minimum requirement and we will strive to become an example for others to follow.


We are also mindful of our impact on the environment by the use of raw materials used in the production of goods and, to that end, we will set ourselves realistic objectives and targets for improving our effect on environmental aspects and impacts, which will be regularly reviewed by senior management.


We will monitor the product specifications of all goods to ensure that, where possible, we are sourcing the most environmentally friendly products available. We will also promote the use of these products to existing and new customers. Our main paper suppliers are committed to the use of timber from well-managed and sustainable forests.


We also ensure that any packaging materials that can be recycled will be separated from general waste products and disposed of accordingly. This will also include any items of food and drink packaging used by our employees.


The avoidance of waste and the development of innovative, environmentally friendly technologies is an essential matter as defined by our policy.


We try hard to keep the high quality of our products with as gentle and little use of energy and natural resources as possible.


Through our commitment and understanding of the environment, we take our client's growing sensibility into account. We also expect this commitment from our suppliers.

Lance Hill
Managing Director

Eight Days a Week Print Communications