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Frequently Asked Questions for print and direct mail

We have put together some questions we get asked fairly regularly to help give you some more information and understanding into EDWPS and the services we do. 

If you have a question you can't find the answer to please contact us and we will do our best to help however we can.

Direct Mail

Eight Days a Week Print Solutions General FAQs


What services do you offer? 


At Eight days a Week Print Solutions we offer a top to tail service for all things Print and direct mail. By this we mean we in addition to our award-winning customer service we offer:

Is everything done in-house? 


We always try and keep everything in-house where possible but sometimes depending on timeframes and speciality requests we need to outsource some parts. We only partner with our trusted, tried, and tested companies to ensure a consistent high quality throughout the entire job.  

Do you invest in the latest technology? 


Yes, we do throughout the whole business.

In the print room we have recently invested in the latest Xerox Baltoro as well as improving our other digital presses.

In production we have invested in more enclosing machines, training and staff to ensure we can continue to meet quick turnarounds. 

At Eight Days a Week Print Solutions we have also invested in electric car charging points, LED Lighting, auto lights, cycle to work scheme and hand dryers to help improve our environmental impact. 

We also offer one of the latest direct mail solutions’; EasyMailer, a self-seal letter. For Direct mail packs we also offer paper wrap as an environmentally alternative to poly wrap. 


What are Eight days a week turnaround times like? 


We adapt to the needs of our customers. Where we can turn things around for customers as quickly as they are needed.

This is always dependant on multiple factors: 
•    What the job entails?
•    Can it be digitally printed?
•    Is the artwork ready?
•    Can we get the suitable materials in time? 
•    Does it require hand fulfilment?
•    Is the data ready?


If everything is in place and ready to go, we have the infrastructure to meet tight deadlines. By investing in more equipment, staff and split shift patterns allows us to produce more and meet deadlines. 

There are always restrictions that need to be factored in such as if we can get the materials needed in time, especially with the paper lead times at present.  When data needs to be mail sorted and booked in there are cut off times. 

It is why we will always be honest as to what is an achievable turn around depending on your enquiry. 


Are you a green company, eco printer? 


We a carbon neutral company that’s very conscious of reducing our environmental impact.

Our sustainability journey in becoming an eco-printer we have already achieved:

  • Carbon Neutral status

  • Carbon Capture scheme to offset our paper production

  • Tree planting days

  • Recycling paper

  • Investment in new machinery

  • Paper wrap solution, an environmentally friendly alternative to poly-wrap.

  • Cycle to work scheme

  • Refillable and recyclable ink cartridges

  • Electric car charging

  • LED lights & Auto sensor lights

  • Hand dryers


Follow our sustainability journey here to see what further steps we make.

What is the difference between mail and direct mail? 


Direct mail is marketing communication from a business directly to an addressed individual.
Mail refers to anything received through the postal system. 
Partially address mail is marketing communication from a business to a household. 
Leaflet distribution is a leaflet not addressed or personalised to anyone delivered to homes and business in a targeted postcode area.


How do I get my work printed on Carbon Capture paper? 


In almost every instance your work will be printed on Carbon Capture paper it is only in very rare cases where we have to use paper that is not carbon captured.


Carbon Capture is not an extra cost to our customers as this is something we passionately pay for and support.

Read our Carbon Capture page to find more information official logo to let your customers know you are using carbon neutral paper.


Direct Mail FAQs


What's direct mail marketing?


In its simplest form, direct mail is marketing material mailed through the postal system directly to the address of customers.

There are different types of direct mail:

  • Direct mail postcard

  • Direct mail letter inside an envelope

  • Direct mail catalogues

  • Direct mail packs

  • Direct mail newsletters

For more information on Direct mail explore our dedicated Direct mail page or for further information on sizes our print templates page. 

Why use direct mail?


Direct mail is such a powerful marketing tool.

Here are some key reasons as to why you should implement Direct mail into your marketing strategy:

  • With such an emphasis on online marketing, Direct Mail can help you stand out

  • Gets you directly in front of your customers

  • Larger impact, it is more likely to stay around longer and been seen by more people.

  • Adds credibility and a sense of value to your customers.

  • Increases brand awareness.

  • Highly effective in multi-channel campaigns 

Can direct mail be personalised?


Yes, in fact we actively encourage personalising direct mail. It has been proven that “Personalised mail is 35% more likely to drive an actual purchase than unaddressed mail.”* Not only does it drive transactional sales, but it also makes your customer feel valued. 


* source: MarketReach

Does GDPR affect direct mail?


In short Direct mail is GDPR compliant. Direct mail is seen differently to online marketing where you need a certain level of consent prior to contacting them. With direct mail you need be able to prove legitimate interest. Would a customer who has shopped at your store previously be interested in a new product or sale? It is highly likely that they would be and this is legitimate interest.  

What is the difference between direct mail and door to door?


Direct mail is addressed to your customers it can be a personalised message directed to each customer. Door to door is a general message sent to general areas rather than anyone specifically.

Postage FAQs

Can postage go anywhere on artwork?


No, it is important that postage is placed 6mm from the top and side. If you are unsure, we have artwork templates to help with sizes, placement and requirements.

Can I add my own seeds into the data to confirm delivery?


Yes, in fact we encourage it! We do ask for your seeds to be sent over at the same time as your customer data through your SFTP. At Eight Days a Week we always add our seeds to your data as good practice anyway.

Do I need my own mailing account to do postage?


No, we understand not everyone has a mailing account which is why we will mail on our account. When we do, we require payment upfront for this.

Leaflet Distribution FAQs

What is a royal mail leaflet drop?


In its simplest form a leaflet drop is marketing material mailed to specific postcode areas to acquire new customers.

Leaflet drop is also commonly known as:​

  • Royal Mail leaflet distribution

  • Royal Mail leaflet delivery

  • Door drop

  • Door to door

  • Partially addressed mail

  • Royal Mail Flyer drop

  • Door to door leaflet distribution 

Why use leaflet distribution?


Leaflet distribution can be effective marketing tool for any company.

Here are the tops reasons why use should introduce leaflet distribution to your 2022 marketing plan:

  • Gets you directly in front of new local customers

  • Grows your brand awareness

  • Increases your new customer acquisition

  • Cost per impression is markedly less

  • Your leaflets don’t have to compete

  • Easily trackable by using specific offer codes

  • Stays in the home longer than online advertising and is seen by more people

Where to leaflet drop?


This is dependent on your campaign and what you want to achieve. If you are opening a new store in a new area you are most likely going to want to target near and surrounding postcode areas who would be interesting in learning about a new shop to their area.


If, however you are an establish store and looking to find new customers we can use our data services to analyse your data and customer profiles to identify where look a like customers are. From this we can then target specific postcode areas. 

Data Services

What is partially address mail?


Partially addressed mail is profiling and targeting look-a-like customers to send your marketing material to.

Is there a safe way to send my files securely?


Yes, when sending and receiving data we will set up a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to do so. This ensures we are both GDPR compliant and protecting the data at all times.

How does data proofing work?


To check the data, we will send over live proofing to you. This includes the first 5, middle 5 and last 5 data records. This will be password protected and sent SFTP. It ensures we have processed the data correctly and have not corrupted it.


What is bleed?


In print terminology, bleed is print that passes the edge of where a sheet will be cut to its finished size. The bleed area, in fact, will be cut off but allows print to run right up the edge of your finished piece. Bleed also allows for a small amount of movement and inconsistencies that can occur during the print process.

What’s font size should I use for print artwork?


We would recommend a 12pt font size for most designs. 6pt being the smallest font, any smaller and it won’t be legible when printed. With Fonts please embed or outline them. Or if sending an InDesign File please supply the font files too.

Should my artwork be RGB or CYMK?


RGB is for web and CYMK is for print. Please make sure your print artwork is CYMK, ensuring all images have been converted to CYMK and saved before being placed in the design.

How should I send my artwork?


A hi-resolution PDF document is usually the best format to send print copy artwork. The resolution must be a minimum of 300dpi and ideally, have 3mm of bleed around the edge of what you'd like to be printed.

Can I have samples of my artwork?


We know some of our customers like to have a physical sample of their print to reference later down the line.  If this is something of interest to you, please let us know at the time of ordering.

How does artwork proofing work?


We know it’s important to get it right the first time around. This is why we have a proofing process.

We will always send over a PDF proof for you to check and sign off before printing begins. This is your responsibility to check and return in a timely fashion to ensure we meet your deadline.

On request, we can also do hard copy proofs and wet proofs. This can affect tight deadlines and have additional costs. For more information on this please discuss this with your account handler.

Please note Print on Demand has its own proofing on screen, so no PDF proof will be sent to you.

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