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Education Print solutions

As well as offering our customers our range of services and solutions, we also offer custom Print Portals to those who need a controlled and managed print on demand service. This is always on a case by case basis and fully tailored to the customer.


We work closely with companies in the education sector providing them with printed school resources through print portals. Managing their range of products, specifications, artwork, stock, delivery addresses and individual access. The portal allows individuals to order printed materials, pay and arrange a delivery. This helps reduce additional work for our customers by outsourcing the whole process to us. All artwork is printed to order and then sent from our Nottingham mailing house accordingly.

Success For All

Case study Education marketing quote

It was important to SFA that schools could only access products that they had registered to allow the protection of SFA’s intellectual property. EDWPS we’re able to deliver a secure user restricted web portal that only showed products the individual schools should have access to. SFA would be able to continually feed through when new schools came on board or changed the mix of product they should have access to.

Being able to closely monitor schools orders along with still being able to place initial orders on behalf of our new schools until they reach a point where self service becomes achievable has been an added advantage.

Other efficiencies such as SFA being able to organise training materials for our Implentation Partners to use. We can now choose to have them delivered directly or be waiting at the school they will be visiting


By allowing schools to order their own materials and having complete confidence that access has been controlled correctly has freed up time & resources for SFA allowing more time to work in partnership with schools to help their children realise their fullest potential.

Georgina Moore

SFA Administrator

Case Study

The Customer

SFA are a charitable education materials provider supplying over 100 nationwide schools with a comprehensive learning programme. The programme comprises of over 500 products spread over 12 different modules. The materials can be configured to meet the schools individual needs

The Challenge

Previously all printed education materials were ordered on behalf of the schools by the team at SFA head office and their implementation Partners. As more and more schools came on aboard the SFA programme,  an easy, accessible solution was needed to supply them with their bespoke education materials requirements.   

The Solution

Eight Days a Week created a bespoke branded Web to Print portal with the specification of all 500+ education materials in it.  The portal was configured in such a way to only allow access to specific materials matching the school's bespoke requirements based on an individual's user log in. This resulted in SFA's admin team being freed up to concentrate on the development of new materials and a faster supply of materials to schools.

Print - Portal & Management

Print - Digital Printing

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School web to print

Our web 2 print portals can be constructed to provide/restrict access to categories and products based on a user's assigned role or department.


Budgets per user can also be applied for credit control purposes, along with final order approval by a senior decision maker - if required,  through an automated process.

To date we currently manage, print and supply Success For All with over 500+ products to 80+ schools across the UK.


Marketing plays a key role in the education sector from raising your profile to engaging with prospect students who might be interested in a new course. Direct mail and Door to Door's are a great way to deliver a clear tangible communication for them to look over in their own time. 

Knowing where your customers are is invaluable from where they are online as well as offline geographically. This helps create a marketing strategy for a multi channel approach. Geographically you could target local surrounding areas that fall within your catchment area and local community who could be interested in your institute.

Direct mail is a powerful tool for the education sector. It stays in the home for 8.9 days on average. In this time it can be seen both parents, students as well as being shared amongst peers and siblings. It can be used to target specific students on courses or on mass with a marketing brochure. Perhaps following up a open day event or an incomplete application request with something physical. 

As well as brochures, printed marketing materials will help make a lasting impression. Perhaps branded postcards for them to make notes on as they have a tour as well as a brochure. Posters up in Primary schools, clubs, community centres etc. Really pushing to get your institute seen and remembered. 

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