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Door to Door - also known as Leaflet Distribution is marketing material mailed to specific postcode areas,
an effective tool to acquire new customers.

Whether you are looking to find new local customers or are simply wanting to expand your customer reach, Door to Door can help you achieve your marketing goals.

We are a Royal Mail™ Door to Door affiliate, which allows us to ensure your leaflet drop will not compete with anyone in your sector. As your leaflet drop is delivered by Royal Mail, they also ensure only 6 leaflets are delivered per week. So your targeted postcode areas aren't de-sensitised to print advertisement.

Royal Mail flyer drop
Leaflet delivery

Speak to one of our Door to Door experts today 0115 939 9797 or email solutions@edwps.co.uk


We can help advise the best way to create your artwork, ensuring it is to the highest quality whilst also being the most cost effective.

Why use Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution?

  • Gets you directly in front of new local customers

  • Grows your brand awareness

  • Increases your new customer acquisition

  • Cost per impression is markedly less

  • Your leaflets don’t have to compete

  • Easily trackable by using specific offer codes

  • Stays in the home longer than online advertising and is seen by more people

  • Avoids needing to buy a database and is GDPR compliant

door to door leaflet distribution mail
Reading Royal Mail Direct Mail

Why use EDWPS for your next royal mail leaflet drop?

  • We are a Royal Mail Door to Door Affiliate.

  • Our experienced team will help and advise to ensure we deliver the best results possible.

  • With our leaflet distribution service we will do everything in house for you from postcode profiling, design, print to mailing.

  • ISO9001 accredited, we provide a recognised Quality Management System

Looking for a cost effective way to reach new customers in specific areas? Door to door leaflet distribution is the perfect mailing solution for you.

The benefits of Royal Mail door to door:

Royal Mail Leaflet Flyer

Royal Mail Door to Door 


Increase new customer acquisition

Cost per impression is markedly less

Grows brand awareness 

No competition within your industry


Price freeze

For door drops until March 2023

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