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Royal Mail Direct Mail -
Targeted print communication

In its simplest form, direct mail is marketing communications mailed directly to the homes of your customers.

Direct mail is a great addition to your marketing plan.

With the heavy emphasis of online marketing in todays world, there is no better way to stand out from your competitors and get in front of your customers. Take advantage of all that direct mail can offer and see how it can compliment your marketing strategy. 

Direct Mail Marketing

Mailpack design advice

Postage optimisation and discounts

Ideal for those sending 1000+ items

A single source service solution

Direct Mail is an effective marketing tool which can be highly tailored. From direct mail letter service to complex one piece mailers.

Key facts for Direct Mail Marketing:

direct mail postcard

Speak to one of our Direct mail experts today 0115 939 9797
or email solutions@edwps.co.uk

We can help advise the best way to create your artwork, ensuring it is to the highest quality whilst also being the most cost effective.

Interested in trying Direct Mail? 

Look at our range of incentives which will help bring cost efficiencies to your overall marketing campaign.

Make the most of your Direct mail with these extras

Data health check

Check the quantity and quality of your data before sending your Direct Mail Campaign. 

Free Data Check

Remove corrupted data and amend where possible, increasing your delivery rate and ROI.

Data Cleanse

data cleanse

Cleanse your data a step further and remove those flagged and someone not to contact and learn why.

Data Cleanse+

additionl data cleanse

Partially Addressed Mail can target new customers on a postcode basis, perfect for new customer acquisition.


Partically addressed mail

The advantages of Direct Mail

  • With such an emphasis on online marketing, Direct Mail can help you stand out.

  • Direct Mail gets you directly in front of your customers.

  • It has a larger impact, it's more likely to stay around longer and be seen by more people.

  • Increases brand awareness.

  • Highly effective in multi-channel campaigns.

  • Direct mail is a physical tangible thing, which every customer has to engage with in some way. It demands attention and can't be stopped by an ad blocker, or skipped past. 

  • People view it with more trust, it adds credibility and a sense of value to your customers.

How EDWPS can help with your Direct Mail Campaign

  • We are an experienced Royal Mail trusted partner

  • Access to incentives which can create savings and improved ROI

  • We have a great level of insight into new products and services

  • Experienced team to offer help and advice

  • Fast turn around thanks to in-house print services and mail fulfilment

  • ISO9001 accredited, we provide a recognised Quality Management System

  • Tailored direct mail campaign to your business needs.

Get inspiration for your next direct mail campaign


Paper Wrap - A poly-wrap alternative now in everyones reach


3 Key numbers for targeting local customers

Home mover marketing

The keys to successful home mover marketing

Direct Mail Personalisation

Direct mail personalisation can really enrich your campaign and customers experience.

The key benefits of direct mail personalisation are:

  • Improves customer relationship

  • Builds brand awareness

  • Adds customer value and trust

  • Improves ROI and response rate

  • Can easily be measured and tracked

  • Can use Personalised URLs to drive traffic

There are many different ways your campaign can be personalised depending on your data. You could personalise your campaign by customer names, local opening times and address' of their nearest shop, pictures, target left in basket items and include related up-sell items. There are so many options available for how to personalise your direct mail campaign. 

Start your Direct Mail Artwork here

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