Data Services

Good healthy data is at the core of every successful marketing campaign both online and offline.


It allows business’ to build a customer profile, fully understanding their target audience. Which in turn helps with accurate targeting, ensuring the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time.

Discover which of our data services could best serve your business and next marketing campaign.

Customer Profiling

Identify top customers based on frequency, recency and value to target specifically.

Understand your customer demographic

Highlight where targeted campaigns could be most effective

Knowing your customers is invaluable, it helps make informed decisions to get maximum results. Our software will analyse and segment your customer data to give you more in-depth understanding.

Our customer profiling could help you:

Additional Data Cleansing

National change of Address update

National change of address suppression

The Goneaway suppression file

The national Deceased register



Mailing Preference services

This data service compares your data to specific external files which can identify who not to mail and the reason why or provide changed address' of your current customers.

Home Mover Marketing

Helping local business get ahead by reaching new local customers who are in the moving process or have moved.

The benefits of home move marketing:

Marketing to customers in purchase mode

Builds brand awareness

Get ahead of your local competition

Grows your customer base

Partially Addressed Mail

Profiling, targeting and communicating with look-a-like customers who match your ideal customer profile.

The benefits of partially addressed mail:

Focus’ on new customer acquisition

Grows your customer base

Builds brand awareness

Marketing to your ideal customer profile

Free Data Health Check

Clear insights into the quality of your data

Identifies the quantity of healthy data

Suggestions in how best to proceed

It’s safe free professional advice

Our data service is the best place to start

The benefits of our free data health check:

Data Cleansing

Identifying and removing duplicate records

Clean incorrect or incomplete address’

Amend spellings errors and abbreviations

Complete missing data in some instances

Data cleansing makes the most of the data you have.

What our data cleansing service involves:


The benefits of healthy data:

Saves money – Creating a higher return on investment.

Better targeting - Ensuring you are delivering the right message to the right people

More personalised - Making your customers feel valued and understood

Reduces waste – You are only sending communications where needed

Builds a reputation – You are communicating to engaged customers as opposed to damaging your brand or being seen as a nuisance.

Best results – With a clear target audience profile, better targeting and personalisation you should see higher response rates for each campaign. Maximising your budget to its fullest potential.

Why use EDWPS for your data services?

Our innovative tools and services will help you fully understand your target audience and give you a competitive edge. It will also help you fully comply with GDPR and help implement a good precedent.


Perfect as a stand-alone service but can also work seamlessly with our Direct Mail and Door to Door services. Ensuring you are making the most out of your marketing budget and increasing your return on investment.

This has already proven to be very successful for our customers, creating large savings and impressive results.

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