Carbon Capture



In November we joined the Carbon Capture scheme through our paper supplier Premier Paper. To help combat our environmental impact as a business.

Holding Plant

January Carbon Copy

Discover why planting tree's is the most effective way to combat CO2 emissions and which food brand will be introducing carbon labelling to their packaging.


Official Logos

As a member of the Carbon Capture scheme our customers can also use the official logo to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability too. 

Image by Alessandro Ranzo

February Carbon Copy

Bring a touch of spring into your garden with these top tips on how to attract Robins to your garden and how to plant snowdrops.

Image by Markus Spiske


Since joining Carbon Capture in back in November 2019 we've been helping create new native woodland areas in the UK which will remove Carbon Dioxide.

We have joined the Carbon Capture scheme which equates our CO2 emissions from our paper supply. As a independent Printer and mailing house in Nottingham, paper is our greatest resource. Which is why we feel the Carbon Capture scheme is the right fit for our business and customers. 

Here is our Carbon Capture journey, if you want to see what other areas of sustainability we are actioning view our sustainable business page


March Carbon Copy

 Did you know the UK has three native species of newt. They can be tricky to spot and harder still to tell apart, but with a little detective work it’s possible to narrow them down.