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Swap stamps for letters to Hybrid Mail with PostboxNow

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Professional print

Postage is added before being printed



Enclosed in an envelope

Once printed it will be folded and enclosed into an envelope



Postal System

Your business mail will then enter the postal system



Our Hybrid mail system PostboxNow works as a letter mailing system online. It's a secure portal log in that allows you to mail and report all your business mail from your computer anytime, anywhere. 

Why send letters online with PostboxNow:

Letter mailing system online

Letter mailing solution

Improved print quality

Saves time, money & recourses

Access to postal savings 

Easy to use and purpose built

Allows you to prioritise business tasks

Testimonial from health care provider

"I can highly recommend Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their quality and speed of service. For businesses looking to outsource their office mail they are a great partner and it is surprising how easy this was to do for as little as 100 letters per day."


Mailing has been modernised with our Hybrid mail service PostboxNow. You can send your EasyMailer mailings online with no need to consider the cost of stamps or applying them individually. The Hybrid Mail process only takes 60 seconds.

Why use our hybrid mail system:

EasyMailer Online

EasyMailer mailing solution

Enjoy access to postal discounts

Professional print quality 

Streamlined online print and post service

24/7 access to schedule mail and report


Our hybrid mail solution allows you to send business mail online from anywhere at anytime.

Saving you time, money and resources all from your secure individual log in. 

PostboxNow rivals the price of a first class stamp, with  savings of up to 35 percent.

Ready to change how you send business mail?

send business mail online

Hybrid Mail System

PostboxNow is our Hybrid mail service which is great for working remotely. It’s the perfect alternative for stamps as it reduces all contact whilst saving you time and money.

Queuing at the post office will be a distant memory.


What is essentially an online letter mailing service you will no longer need to consider the cost of stamps, instead you will have access to postal savings.


Start sending mail online in seconds with PostboxNow

Send letters online
  • Access to postal savings and discounts

  • Reduces unnecessary overheads

  • Raises your brand profile through improved print quality

  • Saves you time, can send all your mail in 60 seconds!

  • Unique secure log in which can be accessed 24/7

  • Can access reports on all your sent mail

  • Enjoy savings up to 35% on your mailings by switching

  • It's free to sign up and get started, no hidden fees

Why use

Hybrid Mail instead of stamps?

Alternative to stamping letters

Is a Hybrid Mail service right for my company?

  • Spending time stamping letters and queuing in post offices?

  • Want to raise the quality of your mail whilst saving on your current process?

  • Finding the cost of stamps too high for your regular outbound mail?

  • Feel your time could be better spent on business critical tasks than time consuming letter mailing?

If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions PostboxNow is the perfect hybrid mail solution for you.

Why choose EDWPS for your Hybrid mail solution?

As an experienced print and mailing house, we excel in delivering an online print and post service.

Printing, producing and mailing business communications quickly. We know the importance of speed to market.

We are ISO9001 accredited with cyber essentials to ensure we offer you a secure, high quality service.

Hybrid Mail solution PostboxNow

PostboxNow the best alternative to stamps

That could save you up to 35% instead of using stamps 

How our alternative to stamps can benefit you


Forget the cost of stamps

No visits to the post office

No contract or set up fees

Send your business mail online with PostboxNow

Simple to use

Our online print and post service is the perfect alternative to stamps accessible online anytime anywhere 


Raised print quality

Our alternative to stamps PostboxNow will help raise your brand's profile through improved print quality


Print, mail & report

You can schedule and monitor your  mail online in seconds, you're in full control with full visibility 


Cheaper than stamps

Our hybrid mail solution is cheaper than stamps for letters, allowing you to make full use of your budget


Save time and money

Reduce your overheads and start sending all your mail online. Hand stamping letters is a thing of the past. 

  • Statements and Invoices

  • General regular communication

  • Sales and marketing mail

  • Reminder and appointment letters

PostboxNow is the perfect alternative to stamps

And ideal for sending the following types of mail:


Don't use stamps for your business mail ?

alternative to franking machines icon.png

Franking Machine

The best alternative to franking mail,

saving time and money

mailroom hybrid mail solution


Refocus attention to business critical

tasks and let us do the rest

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