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PostboxNow is like franking a letter online, without the monthly rental costs or need to physically handle your mail beyond a few clicks on your computer. Saving time, money and proving the quality of your communications.​

Why use PostBox Now for sending your letters:

franking a letter online

Sending letters

High quality digital print and stock

Choice of 1st class or 2nd class postage

Access to postal discounts 

No overheads or monthly contracts

Choice of black & white or colour

Health care specialist testimonial

"I can highly recommend Eight Days a Week Print Solutions for their quality and speed of service. For businesses looking to outsource their office mail they are a great partner and it is surprising how easy this was to do for as little as 100 letters per day."


PostboxNow allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your customers with a few clicks. Simply log in, follow our EasyMailer template and in seconds you have created your first hybrid mailing.

The benefits of sending hybrid mail postcards:


Sending EasyMailer

Professional quality digital print

Increase in staff productivity

Access to postal discounts and savings 

Streamlines outbound mailing 

Takes less time than franking mail


The alternative to franking machines

It's time to switch to our

Hybrid Mail Service and enjoy being contract free and savings on your direct mail

It's time to break free of franking machine contracts and prices. PostboxNow is contract free with no setup costs or minimum qualities. Start saving time and money with our hybrid mail solution.

Our Hybrid mail system PostboxNow will revolutionise the way you frank mail and handle business mail

alternative to franking mail hybrid mail system

Hybrid Mail Service

Benefits of switching from franking mail to Hybrid Mail


No franking machine costs

No monthly franking cost or contract.

No set up fees, just pay for exactly what you send with PostboxNow


Improved print quality

Benefit from a professional print and mailing house handling your business communications.


Easy to use

Our Hybrid Mail service PostboxNow has easy to use templates and steps that will have you mailing in no time


Online reporting

You can follow the journey and history of your mail, with 24/7 access ensuring you are in control

cheaper than franking costs.png

Start saving with Hybrid Mail

With no franking costs, paper stock, ink, envelopes or an employees wage and time. You will save with PostboxNow


Time saver

You can now send your business communications with hybrid mail in just 60 seconds. 

  • Statements and Invoices

  • General business communication

  • Sales and marketing mail

  • Reminder and appointment letters

PostboxNow is the perfect alternative to franking machines

Why use EDWPS for your Hybrid mail alternative to franking mail?

We are a print and mailing house excelling in our customer relations. Our range of solutions are to help companies excel in all aspects of print communication from business mail to direct mail and everything in between.

PostboxNow allows you access to postal discounts as well as reducing overheads and collateral ensuring it is competitive to franking prices. You can send all your business mail online in a matter of seconds, saving time and money.


Can you afford to not trial PostboxNow?

EDWPS hybrid mail uk

Is a Hybrid Mail solution the right fit for my company?

  • Send regular business mail?

  • Finding franking post costly?

  • Wanting to raise the quality of your mailings without great expense?

  • Ready to find a less time consuming way to franking a letter?

  • Seeking a way to send business mail from home

If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions our Hybrid Mail system PostboxNow is the right fit for your company.

Our hybrid mail system is perfect for sending your:

Our hybrid mail solution PostboxNow allows you to send your business mail online from your computer anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for working from home and offering peace of mind that your mailings will be printed and mailed from our COVID-Secure site.

PostBoxNow EDWPS Hybrid Mail UK
  • Access to postal savings and discounts

  • No monthly rental cost only pay for what you send. 

  • No need to buy and store paper stock, ink or envelopes

  • Free up your employee's time to focus on business critical tasks

  • Printed using xerox digital printers for improved quality

  • Send your all your business mail in 60 seconds. 

  • Create, schedule and report from our secure online portal

Why choose Hybrid Mail as your alternative to franking mail?


Sign up to PostboxNow

Throw away your franking machine  and Sign up to PostboxNow


Upload files for printing

'Drag & Drop' your files onto your secure portal



Printed by EDWPS

Postage will be added prior to print



Business letters in envelopes

Your business mail will be folded and enclosed



Post mail out

Your mailings will enter the postal system to be delivered



Don't use a franking machine to send your mail?

EDWPS alternative to stamps hybrid mail solution.png


Stamps have entered the 21st century

with our Hybrid mail solution

mailroom hybrid mail solution


Refocus attention to business critical

tasks and let us do the rest

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