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At the core of our business is our print house and printing services. It is where we started as a business, from print on demand to dynamic personalisation. We can cater to your print needs.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool which can be highly personalised and tailored to your campaigns. Right now is the perfect time to explore direct mail when online marketing is over saturated.



Postage plays a vital role in your campaign budget. Being a mailing house combined with numerous years of experience we can help find ways to optimise your postage. 

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For door drops until March 2023

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Door to Door is perfect for companies looking to gain customer reach and improve new customer acquisition. 

Mail Fulfilment

With the choice of bespoke hand enclosing or machine enclosing. EDWPS can advise on the best way to fulfil your print marketing campaign.

Our Hybrid service, PostboxNow streamlines your outbound mail saving your company time, money and resources. 

Multi Channel Marketing

Discover the power of multi channel marketing to deliver your campaign message and support your print marketing efforts. 

EDWPS data services will make the most out of your print marketing campaigns. Good data is the key to all successful marketing.

Case studies

Seeking inspiration for your next direct mail campaign or want to gain greater insights into EDWPS? Our case studies are a great place to start.

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